To Shop: Screaming Mimi's

To Shop: Screaming Mimi's(Courtesy of Screaming Mimi's) In a city that’s known for amazing vintage boutiques, Screaming Mimi's takes the cake. This legendary store is situated in the heart of Manhattan’s NoHo shopping district, and it’s a cult favorite among celebrities, stylists, models and bloggers alike.

Stocked with mostly ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s fashions, there’s never a shortage of affordable, eye-catching items here. From racks of high-waisted mini skirts to sleek dresses and jumpsuits, this boutique is a treasure trove that’s home to a little bit of everything. They also have the best worn-in T-shirts in all of New York — something I've spent years seeking out.

I’m obsessed with Screaming Mimi’s expansive sunglasses collection, most of which are brand new and can be snagged here for under $50. They have a standout jewelry selection as well — shelves upon shelves of old and new statement necklaces and stackable bracelets to pile on. Their accessories in general are outstanding; I have more waist-cinching belts from this store than I can count.

Another element that sets Screaming Mimi’s apart is their knowledgeable, stylish staff. No matter what you’re looking for, someone is there to help. They’ll also remember you and keep you in mind when certain items pass through their doors.

The downstairs portion of the store is more casual, but a quick trip upstairs leads you to a dreamland of designer vintage by brands like YSL and Chanel. Screaming Mimi’s is quintessential retro-chic, and I could spend hours sifting through their carefully curated selection.

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