How to Make a Tulle Skirt

We've got two easy DIY tutorials to achieve this celeb-approved look on the cheap.

How to Make a Tulle Skirt
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From fashion week to red carpet premieres, tulle skirts have been given the  stamp of approval by a long list of celebrities and street-style stars. While these events often call for designer threads, we're showing you how to create the same on-trend look at home without breaking the bank.

Scroll below for two DIY projects (one with and one without sewing) and get to work!

Method 1: Like a Pro

(Source: Youtube/ModaMob)

What You'll Need
  • Elastic

  • Scissors

  • Straight Pins

  • Tulle (Suggested: 4-6 Yards)

  • Sewing Machine (or Needle and Thread)


Moda Mob enlisted fashion designer Michael Costello to break down this easy-to-follow method.

  • 1


    Measure the waist with elastic. This will be the desired size for your skirt. Allow an extra half-inch for room.

  • 2

    Cut and Pin the ends

    Cut the elastic at the desired size. Pin the ends together to form the band for your skirt.

  • 3

    Gather Tulle

    Gather the top of the tulle in your sewing machine. Make sure the fabric is pre-cut to the skirts desired length.

  • 4

    Begin Sewing

    Sew gathered tulle. Stop and re-gather tulle under needle and sew again. Repeat until you have about 26 inches.

  • 5

    Measure to Elastic

    Make sure you've done enough gathering and sewing by lining up your tulle with your waistband.

  • 6

    Sew to the Waistband

    After you're sure you have enough fabric ruched up, unpin your waistband and pin the elastic to the tulle. Line up the two under the sewing machine and stitch the waistband across the gathering line. (Tip: Repeat steps 3-6 for any additional layers of tulle you want to add.)

  • 7

    Sew Waistband Shut

    Once you've connected the elastic and tulle all the way around, sew the two ends of the elastic together and enjoy your new hand-crafted skirt!

Method 2: No-Sew

(Source: Youtube/Miss Kris)

What You'll Need
  • Tulle

  • A Belt

  • Scissors

  • Measuring Tape


Even if you're DIY-challenged, this no-sew method from blogger Miss Kris is a stylish no-brainer.

  • 1

    Cut Your Tulle

    Fold your tulle in half and cut out several 2 inch strips about 4 feet in length. (Tip: You'll need a LOT of tulle, so cut more than you think you might need.)

  • 2

    Attach to Belt

    Take one of your tulle strips and using a simple  loop knot technique (over, under and through), attach the tulle to your belt.

  • 3

    Repeat and Push

    Repeat the loop knot technique down the entire length of the belt. Make sure to push the fabric to the originating side of the belt to guarantee a full skirt without holes.

  • 4


    Fasten the belt around your waist and channel your inner-Carrie Brandshaw! (Tip: Although it will require a little bit of hand-sewing, use a color-coordinating elastic waistband like the previous DIY above if you don't want to dedicate a leather belt to this project.)

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