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Strange Royal Family Rules And Traditions That Will Surprise You

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It should be no surprise that being a royal comes with its fair share of rules and traditions, but do you know just how extensive they really are? Some are obvious, like having to dress in a more conservative and proper manner, but some, like the foods they are not allowed to eat, or the fact that they get weighed before and after Christmas dinner, are pretty next level. 

Many of the rules and traditions are centuries old, and others have been brought on directly by Queen Elizabeth II herself. But I mean, as the longest reigning British monarch, you best believe the woman is going to do as she pleases.

For royal newcomers like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, we have to expect that marrying into the family must have come with some major adjustments. But these rules and traditions are simply in the job description, and just part of their everyday lives.

Here are the strangest royal family rules and traditions. Do you think you'd be able to stay in line?