Anna Kendrick's 10 Dreamiest Dresses

The on-screen Cinderella has a real-life fairy tale wardrobe.

Getty, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

It's hard not to love Anna Kendrick. From her critically acclaimed role in Up in the Air to that forever-in-your-head Pitch Perfect voice, her talent knows no bounds. And off the screen? Just check out her Twitter account for completely relatable and consistently hilarious gems. (Seriously, right?)

If that's not already enough to win you over, her red carpet style should do the trick. The actress plays Cinderella in this month's Into the Woods, but her real-life wardrobe is already straight out of a fairy tale. Scroll down to see her most princess-worthy looks.

I like having somebody there to push me out of my comfort zone because if it was left to me I would just wear little black dresses all the time.

–Anna Kendrick, 'Glamour'