Chanel Iman's Most Captivating Red Carpet Moments

This model's off-duty fashion is infallible.


From Victoria's Secret to Dior, Harper's Bazaar to Vogue, Chanel Iman took the fashion industry by storm. But our crush on the model doesn't stop at the end of the catwalk. In fact, the 23-year-old's juxtaposition of boho and glam, minimalism and glitz, makes her one of our red carpet favorites.

She also happens to be totally down to earth—just check out the video below. Scroll down to see how she pulled off a gold lamé jumpsuit, candy cane stripes and a wool suit, all with equal finesse.

My normal style is casual hipster, but when it's time to get dressed up and go out I like to dress really nice and put on beautiful high-fashion clothes."

–Chanel Iman


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