Tuesday Tip: Why You Should Never Wax After You Shower

Tuesday Tip: When Not to Wax(Source: Thinkstock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)
Now that we're in the thick of summer, chances are you're probably waxing a whole lot more than when you could hide hair growth beneath pants and bulky sweaters. While there's no avoiding pain entirely when it comes to depilation, you could be enduring more than is necessary due to one unforeseen culprit: moisture. Sue Ismiel, founder of hair-removal brand Nad's USA, shares why water isn't your friend when it comes to waxing—whether at home or in the salon.

Tuesday Tip: When Not to Wax(Source: Sue Ismiel)
Before you wax, check that you are not perspiring or that your body is not too hot—i.e. if you have just come out of the shower—as this will prevent the wax from adhering to the hair effectively. Perspiration and wet or warm skin prevents any type of wax from achieving great results. The DIY strip wax melts with moisture and heat, and adheres to your skin, making the waxing experience extremely painful and ineffective. Even when using hard wax, it is recommended to use talcum powder to absorb the moisture and dry the skin before you start waxing."
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