Get to Know the Founders of Jamberry Nails

Meet three sisters who are changing the nail art game for good.

From left: Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth and Keri Evans 
(Source: Jamberry Nails)

In late 2010 after a long afternoon in the nail salon, three sisters—Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth and Keri Evans—hatched a plan to create a business to provide women with an affordable way to switch up their nail art any time. 

The siblings created Jamberry Nails—a collection of nail wraps that take only heat and a few minutes to apply, leaving you with fun, creative nail looks that last. Now with business burgeoning and tens of thousands of Jamberry representatives hosting parties to debut the newest nail wraps in their homes, the sister have a bonafide hit on their hands. We caught up with the entrepreneurial trio to find out more about Jamberry.

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Have you always been big nail art fans?
Evans: "I've always had a love for style—prints, patterns, colors. Nail art was something I admired but never did myself, mostly because it took too long to apply and would always end up chipping off!"

How did the idea for Jamberry come about?
"It started after I had a similar product put on at a nail salon. I liked the product and it looked easy enough to apply myself at home, so I started looking for it in stores, online, everywhere—I couldn’t find anything like it. That’s when Keri, Christy and I decided to make it ourselves."

Where did the name Jamberry come from?
Hepworth: "Jamberry was actually the name of my son’s favorite book at the time. I must have read it to him a thousand times that year when Jamberry came to be more than just an idea. It just clicked for us."

Why do you think Jamberry strikes a chord with so many consumers?Ekstrom: "That’s tough. We have such a diverse consumer base of consultants and customers, all with their own Jamberry story. For many of our consultants and customers, it’s the affordability and ease. Our wraps don’t require an expensive salon visit and several hours to spare."

Hepworth: "They’re affordable and you can do them anywhere—well, almost! For others, it’s the uniqueness. It’s wearing your style on your fingertips. If you’re classic, modern, trendy, girly, whatever, we have a wrap that’s perfect for you."

Evans: "For many of our consultants, it’s the financial contributions it’s allowed them to make to their families. They’ve paid off debts, sent their kids to college and taken vacations they never thought possible."

With Jamberry, part of the fun is switching up your manicure in a snap. How often do you change up your mani?
"Usually every couple weeks, but it really depends. I’ll switch them up just for fun, if I’m attending an event, or if there’s a new design I’m dying to wear!"

What are some of your favorite wraps you've designed?
"Oh, that’s hard, we’ve designed so many over the years that I love! If I had to choose, I’d say Lunar Landing, China Rose in a matte finish and Navy Skinny."

Jamberry Lunar Landing, China Rose and Navy Skinny, $15 each, at
Jamberry Lunar Landing, China Rose and Navy Skinny, $15 each, at
(Source: Jamberry)

Ekstrom: "I’ve always loved helping design the junior’s collection—with three daughters of my own it’s always my favorite part of the catalog to work on."

Hepworth: "I can’t give any specifics, but I will say I’m so excited for the new catalog to come out! A lot of work went into making it great and it includes some of my favorites that I can’t wait to share."

What nail wraps are most popular with consultants? 
"Consultants definitely love our seasonal and holiday wraps, and exclusive designs are big too. But really, all of our consultants’ styles and tastes are so different. I think that’s what they love about it—there’s always a design that’s just right for them."

What are your dreams for Jamberry in the future?
"We have so many hopes and dreams for Jamberry—for all those who make it great, for our dedicated consultants and loyal customers. As we grow and expand Jamberry, we hope to become a globally recognized beauty brand and offer the best products on the market. We want to provide a memorable experience and an opportunity for success for everyone who is introduced to Jamberry. Our goal from the very beginning has been to inspire people, to teach them that it’s never too late to start a new dream. As we move forward, we want Jamberry to continue to change the lives of everyone who’s a part of it. We want to offer consultants the opportunity to achieve financial success, professional achievement, independence and confidence. At the end of the day, we want to make their lives a little more beautiful."

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