Tuesday Tip: How You Should Really Be Choosing Your Eyewear

Tuesday Tip: Choose Right Eyewear(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)When shopping for a new pair of specs, chances are your natural instinct is to reach for frames in classic tortoiseshell or basic black. But these wear-with-anything shades may not necessarily be the right ones for your complexion, according to Richard Mewha, co-founder and president of Bevel Eyewear. In fact, the key to finding your perfect pair is all about looking on your vanity rather than in your mirror—read on to see what we mean.

Tuesday Tip: Choose Right Eyewear(Source: Richard Mewha)
Much like cosmetics, eyewear undeniably brings warranted attention to your primary asset: your face! The secret to finding your perfect pair of frames is surprisingly not just in the shape and style, but rather all in the color and how it complements your unique complexion. Treat colors and color combinations within the frame much like how you treat makeup. Your first clue will be right in your beauty collection. Pay attention to the different makeup hues and tones that you’re most drawn to and suit you best. Frames reflecting your beauty bag will be your best bet."
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