Tuesday Tip: Prevent Getting Lipstick on Your Teeth with This Move

The solution to your worst fear is at your fingertips.

Tuesday Tip: Remove Excess Lipstick
(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Of all the beauty blunders out there, one of the most dreaded has to be getting lipstick on your teeth (think about it: how many times have you asked a friend to do a quick check and vice versa?). The fear probably stems from how easy it is to make the gaffe—because lord knows there are worse mishaps that can happen when it comes to misusing beauty products—but luckily there's a way to prevent it from happening just as effortlessly. Jennifer Trotter, the Texas-based makeup artist behind Lip Service Makeup, shares a two-second trick that will keep lip products off your pearly whites—whether you have access to tools or not.

Tuesday Tip: Remove Excess Lipstick
(Source: Jennifer Trotter)

After you've applied your lipstick or gloss, simply run a Q-Tip around the inner edges of your lips to remove any excess and prevent it from getting on your teeth. An even quicker solution: Simply pop your finger in your mouth and pull it out, as if making a 'pop' sound—this removes that excess lip color quickly, while leaving your lip application fresh and intact!"

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