Tuesday Tip: The Gratis Way to Preserve Your Hair Color This Summer

Tuesday Tip: Pool Rinse(Source: Thinkstock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)As much as we love spending warm summer days poolside or at the beach, our favorite pastime can wreak some serious havoc on our hair—especially if its color came out of a bottle. While there's certainly no shortage of products you can buy to combat fading and brassiness, you can save a serious bundle just by following this simple trick from Katie Rosen Kitchens, who co-founded lifestyle magazine and quarterly subscription box FabFitFun with Giuliana Rancic. Listen in:

Tuesday Tip: Pool Rinse(Source: Katie Rosen Kitchens)
Worried about your hair color fading in the summer sun and salt water? It happens. Chlorine is notorious for stripping hair of color and moisture, and the salt in ocean water dries out hair and can alter your color. Keep your locks looking lush by wetting your hair before you jump into a pool or the ocean. Your hair is basically like a sponge. By getting it wet, your locks will drink up the fresh water first, making less room for the damaging chlorine or salt water to soak in. You'll also reduce the damage caused by chlorine and sulfates. After your swim, make sure to rinse again. You can also try coating your hair with conditioner before jumping in!"
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