Tuesday Tip: This Makeup Bag Staple Doubles as Dry Shampoo

You'll never have to sacrifice a second-day blowout, thanks to this simple swap.

Tuesday Tip: Finishing Powder as Dry Shampoo
(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Of all the modern beauty innovations of the last decade, dry shampoo has to be one of our very favorites. A product that allows you to extend your blowout a few extra days with minimal effort? Yes please. So it's fair to say we're pretty much at a loss when our bottle runs out or worse, we forget to pack it. Thankfully, Kaylin Johnson, an Austin-based makeup artist and author of The Mercenary Makeup Artist, has found a doppelganger that's likely already in your makeup bag and can sub in the next time you're in a pinch.

Tuesday Tip: Finishing Powder as Dry Shampoo
(Source: Kaylin Johnson)

Run out of dry shampoo? Look in your cosmetic bag. Finishing powders will absorb oils in a pinch. Choose one without pigments to avoid tinting your hair—a temporary effect, but undesirable all the same. To apply, swirl a dense kabuki brush in your powder, tap off the excess, then brush the powder down only where your hair feels oily, generally concentrating on the roots. You can also tip your head upside down when applying for added volume. Use this technique when traveling to extend your blowout so you can get an earlier start on sightseeing."

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