Nina Garcia Predicts the Styles We'll See at the Oscars

Plus, we got her to spill her big-event dressing tips. Read all about this fashion maven's style secrets, here.

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Nina Garcia is a busy woman. She moves seamlessly from fashion post to fashion post, lending her style expertise to Project Runway as a judge to Marie Claire as fashion director and now to JCPenney as the retailer's resident style voice and curator. Garcia is taking up the task of translating the year's biggest red carpet trends into wearable looks for women across the country. We quizzed Garcia on her favorite looks of the season, her tricks for staying comfortable on a long night out and which red carpet look she wishes would disappear. 

We're seeing the return of primary colors such as yellow and red for major Hollywood events. Why is this such a big trend? Can anyone pull these colors off?
"Designers from Ralph Lauren to Christian Dior have shown bold, primary colors in recent collections, which translate to the hot red carpet looks we’re seeing now. Vivid solid colors are a good choice for red carpet appearances because they stand out and exude confidence. You can create a similar feeling with everyday fashion by opting for a little red dress, which is also having a major fashion moment right now, or rock a bright pop of color like a cool yellow blouse, which are on-trend and affordable from JCPenney."

Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren
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Bisou Bisou Sleeveless Hardware Dress, $35, at JCPenney; Bisou Bisou Colorblock Bubble Top, $25, at JCPenney
Bisou Bisou Sleeveless Hardware Dress, $35, at JCPenneyBisou Bisou Colorblock Bubble Top, $25, at JCPenney
(Source: JCPenney)

A plunging neckline is a popular pick for the red carpet. What is the best way—both for big events and in everyday life—to balance out a daring neckline?
"Let the neckline do the talking and don’t go overboard with accents or jewelry. Accessories such as nude pumps and simple jewelry allow you to still look classic and elegant while showing a little skin."

Which silhouette is the most universally flattering for evening or a special occasion?
"I don’t find there to be one universally flattering silhouette because there are so many body types to celebrate. For those with more of a triangle or rectangle shape, you may want to play with structure—structured tops and bottoms to accent your body. And for those with more of an hourglass or circle shape, try a form-fitting dress and bottoms or plunging necklines."

When you prep for a big event, how do you go about planning your look? 
"I start with the type of event, asking, 'What's the attire?' Then once I have an idea of what will be appropriate, it's all about my mood. Do I want a pantsuit or a sequined dress? Depends on the day. I love to experiment with different looks and change things up. I also know which designers and styles best suit my figure, so that narrows it down as well."

 Is there a red carpet trend you love right now?
"Right now I am loving metallics. Ladies including Julianne Moore, Kate Beckinsale, Dakota Johnson and more have been spotted rocking this glamorous trend during this year’s awards season, and Oscars will be no different. Metallics have a very obvious red carpet appeal, but they are easy to incorporate into everyday style—don a metallic cocktail dress or punch up classic jeans and a tank with a studded clutch or crystal bracelet."

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Is there a red carpet trend you'd like to see end?
"This might not be a trend, but what I'd love to see come to an end are ill-fitting dresses. A lot of times celebrities will wear a dress that might otherwise be fabulous, but they don't have it tailored properly. Tailoring is key."

The '70s are having a major renaissance in fashion for Spring and Fall 2015. How do you think we'll see this translate to the red carpet?
"‘70s influences were all over the runways, and seen in collections from Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Prada and more. I expect to see modern interpretations of sleeves, flowing skirts, plunging necklines, bold prints and patterns, and satin touches on the Oscars red carpet, reflecting these of-the-moment trends."

Do you have any tricks for staying comfortable all night long during a red carpet event or special occasion? Any tricks for standing in heels for long periods of time?
"For a long night of standing in heels, I always make sure to wear a trusted pair that I know will work for me all night long. This is not the time to break in a new shoe. Also, good posture makes you look more confident and helps you stay light on your feet to lessen the amount of stress on your limbs."

What are your favorite quick tricks to fix a wardrobe mishap at a special event? Any little emergency tools you keep around such as a stain pen or garment tape?
"Shout Wipes will get almost any stain out. I always keep double-sided garment tape, a few safety pins and a dryer sheet—it removes deodorant and other surface stains, and gets rid of frizz if you rub it lightly over flyaways."

What has been your favorite red carpet look from this award season and why?
"One of my favorite red carpet looks this season has been the jewel tones, as seen on stars such as Katie Holmes, Keira Knightley and Camila Alves in deep, beautiful shades of purple, blue and green. This look can easily be translated for everyday with a brilliant accessory like a pair of Vieste Green Stone Gold-Tone Drop Earrings from JCPenney [below] to complete a look."

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Vieste Green Stone Gold-Tone Drop Earrings, $28, at JCPenney
Vieste Green Stone Gold-Tone Drop Earrings, $28, at JCPenney
(Source: JCPenney)

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