Tuesday Tip: The Correct Temperature for Washing Your Face

Tuesday Tip: Correct Temp for Washing Your Face(Source: Thinkstock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)You know that tight, dry feeling you get after you wash your face? Your water temperature could be to blame, and it's doing more harm than you may realize. We've been turning our faucets towards cool ever since learning this from Mally Steves Chakola, founder of M. Steves skincare, but it turns out there's a precise degree you should be aiming for—and you don't need a thermometer to find it. Read on for the specifics that will help you save face.

Tuesday Tip: Correct Temp for Washing Your Face(Source: Mally Steves)
Treat your face like it’s baby’s skin and use water that is no warmer than 75 degrees when washing your complexion. Facial skin is very delicate and sensitive—water that is too hot can dry it out and cause an inflammatory response, which means you may be left with red splotches on your face. Hot water and steam from your shower feels relaxing, but it can make broken capillaries more noticeable. Most people don’t have a thermometer to test water temperature, so follow this simple trick to keep your skin calmed: I like to test the water on a sensitive skin area, such as the inside of my wrist. This is a common method used by mothers to test water temperature for their baby’s bath. If the water burns my skin or leaves any redness then it’s too hot! If the water is just warm enough, but leaves no mark on your skin then it’s the perfect temperature."
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