Tuesday Tip: How to Find Your Perfect Blush Shade

Tuesday Tip: How to Choose Blush(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Although mascara and concealer are often touted as the products women reach for to look more awake after sleepless nights, we'd add blush to our own personal list of makeup revivers. The right shade can make you appear radiant, energized and even healthier—but the wrong shade can make you look like a clown. To help you pick the right color for your skintone, we enlisted the help of Artistry’s global makeup artist Rick DiCecca, who provided us with a simple trick you can employ on the fly the next time you're out shopping at the drugstore.

Tuesday Tip: How to Choose Blush(Source: Artistry Global/Rick DiCecca)
The secret to your perfect blush shade is in the palm of your hand. To choose the shade of blush that will work for you, simply close your hand and make a fist. Open your hand, and hold it next to a selection of blush shades. Then select the shade that most closely resembles the skin tone of your just-pressed fingertips and palm."
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