You Complete Me: Katie Jane Hughes's Warby Parker Specs

You Complete Me: Katie Jane Hughes's Warby Parker Specs(Source: Katie Jane Hughes, Warby Parker; Art: Tanya Leigh Washington)Ever love a product so much it makes you feel whole? You’re not alone, which is why we’re having our favorite tastemakers spill the must-have items they can’t live without.

Who: Katie Jane Hughes, @katiejanehughes
Where: New York City, NY
By Day: As the global colour ambassador for butter LONDON, my day can vary from doing makeup or nails on a shoot to testing formulas for new products. I’m often traveling for shoots, Fashion Week, or store visits. It's never boring, that's for sure.
By Night: I'm probably sitting on my iPad or iPhone trolling through Instagram. Or having a glass of wine or having my favorite cocktail, which is called The Last Cocktail from the best place in the whole of New York called Prima. It's amazing. It's got gin and nutmeg in it and rosemary in the middle. So delicious. 
Style: A lot of black with injections of color during the winter. In summer, it’s the opposite. I love a good red lip and like to break nail rules. Wearing bright shades on my nails during the winter months makes me feel a tad rebellious.

You Complete Me: Warby Parker Durand Glasses, $95
My boss's husband actually saw a couple of pics of me wearing my glasses and a few where I wasn't wearing them, and he was like, 'You should tell Katie her glasses are her thing. She needs to wear her glasses more often.' I always knew my glasses were my thing. People recognize me with them if they've met me with them on, but if I've not met them while I was wearing them, they don't know who I am. It's so weird! But I absolutely love my specs, and I'm absolutely obsessed with Warby Parker. I have bought three pairs in the past six months. The Durand is my favorite [model] that they have out right now. I just want them to do more and more and more designs!
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