Tuesday Tip: Why Rough Drying is the Secret to a Salon-Worthy Blowout

Learn all about this crucial step for any at-home blow dry.

Tuesday Tip: Why Rough Drying is the Secret to a Salon-Worthy Blowout
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Much as we try, we can never seem to replicate the bouncy, lustrous blowouts we get in the salon—to the point where we'll do anything to preserve one as long as humanly possible. We've even resorted to outright faking them at home. And while a slew of products ranging from styling creams to shampoos and even hairdryers promise to help you achieve those professional styling results yourself, it really just comes down to one very simple technique. For anyone who's attempted a blowout fresh out of the shower on sopping-wet strands, Society Salons stylist Hilary Manhan is here to fill you in on rough drying—and how skipping this step could be thwarting your attempts at the perfect DIY blowout.

Tuesday Tip: Rough Drying
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Rough-drying is a technique that can make or break your blowout. It's super simple but, when done correctly, will add tons of volume to your hair and also shave serious minutes off your styling time. Immediately after washing your hair, simply take your blowdryer, lift at the roots with your fingers and blast with some heat a few inches away from your scalp. Then, feel free to get as messy as you want, combing your fingers through your hair slightly unevenly if you want a more tousled look. Continue this until you remove all the excess moisture from your ends and your hair is almost completely dry. Now complete the blowout by smoothing your hair with a brush of your choice—Ibiza EX3 is my fave—and voila! You will have salon-worthy hair every time."

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