Tuesday Tip: This is The Proper Way to Clean Your Swimsuits

It goes way beyond washing them by hand.

Tuesday Tip: This is The Proper Way to Wash Your Swimsuits
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If you planned your summer properly, your weekends will be spent poolside or on the beach from here until Labor Day. Meaning you're going to have to take good care of your swimsuits if you want them to last through the season, and luckily we've got resortwear designer Marie France Van Damme here to tell you exactly how to do just that. While any bathing suit garment care tag will tell you it's imperative to hand wash such a delicate item, you wouldn't necessarily know what to use or how often—and we're solving those mysteries below.

Tuesday Tip: Washing Swimwear
(Source: Marie France Van Damme)

Although swimsuits do not need to be washed with soap after every wear, they should always be rinsed in cold water after swimming or sunbathing, as it is important to remove the sunscreen and chlorine. I recommend using regular soap rather than detergent or bleach, as it is much more gentle on the fabric. You can even take your swimsuits with you in the shower and wash it with your own soap!"

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