Tuesday Tip: The Simple Way to Avoid Razor Burn

Those unsightly bumps are a lot easier to prevent than you think.

Tuesday Tip: The Simple Way to Avoid Razor Burn
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For something as rote as shaving, you'd think we'd all have it down to a science, but razor burn is living proof that that's just not the case. Now that we'll all be depilating more frequently in the warmer weather, we thought it would be the perfect time to pick the highly knowledgeable brain of Hibba Kapil, founder of NYC threading and sugaring studios Hibba NYC, on how exactly to avoid those unsightly bumps. The answer is so simple, you might feel foolish for not having used this technique before.

Tuesday Tip: How to Avoid Razor Burn
(Source: Hibba Kapil/Brittany Photography)

It might sound crazy but shaving hair in the direction of growth is the correct way to go about shaving. This allows for a much closer shave, and you don't have to go back and forth in the same area. And always clean your razor after at most two swipes. With lot of hair stuck in the blade, you have to keep coming back to the same area again and again, hence those nasty razor burns."

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