Tuesday Tip: How To Determine Your Face Shape For Glasses

Tuesday Tip: How To Determine Your Face Shape For Glasses(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)
Now that the sun is finally shining, you're going to need a new pair of shades to protect those peepers. And while we all know that certain sunglass styles are best suited for different face shapes (aviators for heart shapes, cat-eyes for round), determining what configuration your visage falls into in the first place can be just as confounding as the hunt for the perfect pair. Here to simplify that essential first step of the process is Glasses.com senior buyer Marianne Kotzbauer, who shares a trick that will help you figure out the correct categorization for you in less than a minute.

Tuesday Tip: How To Determine Your Face Shape For Glasses(Source: Marianne Kotzbauer)
Everyone always says you should pick frames or sunglasses that will look best on you based on your face shape, but it's not always easy to identify. If you need a little help, try standing close to a mirror with a darker lipstick shade, then pull back your hair and trace your face with the lipstick directly onto the mirror. Finally, stand back and you should be able to determine if you fit into one of the five most common categories: round, square, oblong, oval, or heart."
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