Tuesday Tip: Add This to Your Moisturizer and Banish Blemishes

Work a few drops of this potent ingredient into your skincare regimen for a flawless face.

Tuesday Tip: Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer
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When we're acne-ridden teenagers, we console ourselves with the promise that our skincare woes are only the temporary markings of our hormonal youth. But the truth is, more than half of adult women struggle with breakouts—so says Andy Bosselman, founder of skincare brand Arithmetic, who has a simple remedy for banishing blemishes that doesn't require buying a ton of new products. Read on to find out how adding just one natural ingredient to your regular moisturizer can supercharge your skincare regimen.

Tuesday Tip: Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer
(Source: Andy Bosselman/Arithmetic)

In studies, tea tree oil has proven as effective at clearing acne as benzoyl peroxide. But you’re not supposed to apply it directly to the skin and it’s hard to find good products that contain it. As a solution, mix a drop of tea tree oil with your moisturizer to clear skin and prevent breakouts. In lieu of a moisturizer, you can also use an aloe gel or jojoba oil."

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