Style the Bump: Somewhere, Lately's Brooke Tredway and Meggan Moorehead

It's a double dose of inspiring maternity style from this pair of super-chic bloggers.

(Source: Somewhere, Lately; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

What do you get when you take two adorable bloggers and add two adorable baby bumps? That would be one heck of a source of maternity fashion inspiration, and Somewhere, Lately—Brooke Tredway and Meggan Moorehead's lifestyle and fashion blog—has it in spades. Just one look at these gals' pregnancy looks, and expectant mamas everywhere are going to want to step up their game.

Photo: Courtesy Somewhere, Lately
Photo: Courtesy Somewhere, Lately

We grabbed a moment with Tredway (who just welcomed baby daughter Avery) and Moorehead (who's expecting a boy in June) to give us the secret to their ridiculously good bump style. 

Both of you make pregnancy look so darn chic. What are your personal 'rules' for maternity dressing?
Meggan Moorehead: "Being comfortable is key! If I'm not comfortable, it can really take a toll on my day and I count down the hours 'til I can go home and change! I wear a lot of basics—tees, jeans, jackets—so I like to dress up my look with fun accessories or a bright lipstick."
Brooke Tredway: "I have to agree: comfort is key! Don't reach for tighter pieces until your belly has 'popped.' Wearing tight clothing in the beginning of your pregnancy will most likely leave you feeling sausage-like and insecure about your outfit."

Which staples have been your wardrobe MVPs?
MM: "Splendid leggings ($95), New Balance sneakers and oversized button-downs from Gap."
BT: "Hudson maternity jeans ($210) and Splendid leggings from A Pea In The Pod, and oversized tees from Urban Outfitters."

Style the Bump: Somewhere, Lately's Brooke Tredway and Meggan Moorehead
(Source: Somewhere, Lately)

So it sounds like non-maternity pieces were key for both of you. 
BT: "Yes. I lived for my oversized tees—they fit for a long time, and are super comfy during pregnancy— and sneakers. I wore sneakers almost every single day of my third trimester. "
MM: "I also live in my oversized tees and sweaters. Now that it's getting warmer, I can wear most of my dresses, which are a lot more comfortable then wearing pants—pants have been my least favorite thing about pregnancy! I can also still fit into most my jeans—the stretchier the better!—and use a belly band to hold them up."

What would we never find you wearing while pregnant?
BT: "Super-high heels. My balance was terrible! I was only able to wear heels for short periods of time. I opted for sneakers from Nike and New Balance instead. I did wear a pair of Madewell's Mira heels [$168] throughout my pregnancy. They are not too high and super comfortable."
MM: "Same! My balance is awful right now, I wouldn't trust myself! I wore a couple pairs during the first and second trimester but now I don't feel coordinated enough. I recently bought a pair of Matiko wedges from Shopbop that have a two-inch heel and they are super comfortable!"

Style the Bump: Somewhere, Lately's Brooke Tredway and Meggan Moorehead
(Source: Somewhere, Lately)

Any pregnancy-specific beauty products you've fallen in love with?
MM: "I've been using Burt's Bee Belly Butter [$17] and coconut oil."
BT: "The only special 'pregnancy product' I used was Bio Oil [$20]. I love it!"

Have you been able to keep up your normal fitness routines?
BT: "Sadly, my fitness routine was nonexistent during pregnancy. I was chasing a two-year-old around all day, so I guess that's some sort of exercise, right?"
MM: "Ugh, same. I do a ton of walking around the city—three-plus miles a day—so I count that as my cardio. I do some free weights here and there, but nothing extreme. I'm ready to get back into a normal routine!"

Style the Bump: Somewhere, Lately's Brooke Tredway and Meggan Moorehead
(Source: Somewhere, Lately)

Brooke, what are your best tips for feeling comfortable and chic postpartum?
BT: "I'm currently four weeks postpartum, and I'm not sure I felt very chic the first few weeks. Yoga pants were my favorite thing to wear for the first couple weeks—I love the brand Hard Tail. I also tried to wear my Belly Bandit ($50) a few hours a day in the first two weeks, and felt it really helped my ab muscles come back together quicker. The brand recommends wearing it 24 hours a day for a long time, but I just couldn't do that. I was able to fit into my regular clothes quicker than I expected, but everything is definitely still 'fluffy,' so oversized tops are key!"

And Meggan, what do you plan on wearing during the postpartum time frame?
MM: "It will be hot—I'm due end of June—so hopefully a lot of flowy sundresses and sandals when I'm out and about. I'm sure yoga pants will be a staple as well!"