Tuesday Tip: These Office Supplies Remove Clothing Stains

Tuesday Tip: These Office Supplies Remove Clothing Stains(Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)For sitting around in a rolling chair all day, your cubicle can be a seriously messy, accident-prone place, as anyone who's emerged from their 9-to-5 with ink marks and coffee stains on their clothes can attest. So when New York-based fashion stylist Claire Marie Thornton told us that the solution to our spillage was sitting right there in front of us on our desks, we ran straight to the supply closet to hoard these multitasking items. Read on and never be caught at a meeting with smears on your threads again.

Tuesday Tip: These Office Supplies Remove Clothing Stains(Source: Claire Thornton)
Scotch tape can remove stains such as lipstick smears, fresh pen marks and loose powder spillage. Just place the tape over the stain and without pressing too hard on the tape—or else you risk pushing the lipstick, pen ink, loose powder, etc. further into the garment's fabric—quickly remove it by lifting the tape straight up and repeat. Don't lift the tape sideways or you might smear or spread the stain. The glue on the tape is grabbing and lifting the pigment from the fabric. Also, pencil erasers will clean your suede! If you have a scuff or dirt mark on, say, your suede shoes, use a clean, light-colored eraser—think light pink, white, light grey—and rub out the stain. I personally like Ticonderoga pencils."
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