Style the Bump: Camille Styles

The lifestyle blogger and event stylist talks chic maternity duds and nursery decor musts.

Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

If we had a dollar for every time we drooled over one of Camille Styles' drop-dead-pretty blog or Instagram posts, we could probably afford to makeover our homes/tabletops/lives to look just like hers. The Austin, Texas-based blogger, lifestyle expert and party stylist has a knack for all things sweet, fresh and lovely. And, naturally, she applied this well-honed aesthetic to her second pregnancy. Whether revamping her wardrobe with comfortable-but-chic maternity pieces or designing what has to be the coolest nursery we've ever seen, styles does it all with, well, style.  

Style the Bump: Camille Styles
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Here, she dishes on the challenges of bump-dressing, the key to a pretty pregnancy, and her take on baby room decor.

How would you describe your maternity style?
"Streamlined and body-con — with lots of black in the mix! "

What's the hardest part about dressing your bump?
"How quickly it changes — dressing a 5-month bump is completely different than dressing a 7-month bump, so I’m always having to re-evaluate which pieces are most flattering for my current size. I definitely have those days where I look in my closet and suddenly think, 'I have nothing to wear!'"

Which brands or specific pieces have been wardrobe VIPs?

"My maternity staples have been J.Crew’s Maternity Pixie pant ($128), Hatch denim leggings ($158), and Storq’s Basics Bundle ($250)."

Style the Bump: Camille Styles

Any favorite beauty products you've been using during pregnancy?
"I’ve definitely made an effort to use all-natural and organic products, and it’s been really fun discovering some new products that I have a feeling I’ll be using long after my pregnancy is over. I’ve been using Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque ($54) to help keep pregnancy acne at bay, all of Tata Harper’s organic products are so luxurious, and Boots Botanics Organic Rich Body Butter ($12) has been my go-to for stretch mark prevention."

The nursery you just designed is divine. What are your best tips for creating a chic, sophisticated space for your little one?
"Thank you! When I started designing our nursery, I knew I wanted it to feel like it was created for a baby, but in a way that feels cohesive to the design, color palette and overall aesthetic of the rest of our home. This meant using lots of neutrals, rich textures like linen and faux fur, and incorporating a statement “grown-up” piece (a linen daybed) that can be used in other rooms of the house later. Think about ways to design the nursery space so that it’s a reflection of your personal style — it doesn’t have to be full of pink or blue! "

Style the Bump: Camille Styles
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With a busy business, blog and a young daughter, time for yourself must be tight. How do you relax and unwind?
"I’m so thankful to have a great support system of family in town who provide so much help with balancing it all! My favorite ways to unwind are going out for a great dinner with my husband, taking a long bath after I put my daughter to bed, or stealing away for a quickie pedicure on the weekend — the foot massage is bliss!"