Tuesday Tip: Stop Storing Your Razor in the Shower

Tuesday Tip: Razor Shower(Source: ThinkStock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Last week we told you how to effortlessly extend the lifespan of your bras, and this week we're helping you prolong that of another pricey product found in every woman's arsenal: a razor. Chances are you shave your legs, armpits and other unwanted areas in the shower—allowing your pores to open and hairs to soften for minimal irritation—and thus keep your razor on the ledge of your tub for easy access. While you're right to do the former, the latter action is problematic, as we recently learned from Venus dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine. See why this habit born of convenience can actually cost you in the long run.

Tuesday Tip: Razor Shower(Source: Dr. Jody Levine)
By storing your razor in the shower, you’re increasing the frequency in which you’ll need to change your blade refill. Water, air and humidity all contribute to the rusting and dulling of razor blades. Once you’ve showered and shaved, pat the razor dry on a clean towel and store it outside of your shower to keep out moisture. This will help prolong the life of its razor blades and ensure you’re shaving with a sharp razor for a smooth shave every single time."
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