Tuesday Tip: The Effortless Way to Remove Price Stickers from Shoes

You'll be shocked at how easy the process can be—and the pantry item that gets the job done.

Tuesday Tip: The Effortless Way to Remove Price Stickers from Shoes
(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

While nothing beats the thrill of bringing home a brand-new pair of shoes, there's also no quicker buzzkill than trying to scrape off a stubborn price sticker from their otherwise pristine soles. Between ruining your nails trying to pick away the tag and inevitably smearing the glue into an even larger sticky mess, the removal process can seem like more effort than it's worth. But before you resign to advertising what you spent on your footwear with every step you take, heed the advice of Amany Jondy, co-owner of Muslim fashion brand Zeena, who has an easy solution that involves a surprising pantry staple.

Tuesday Tip: Peanut Butter Sticker
(Source: Amany Jondy)

Are next to impossible to remove sale stickers on the bottom of your new designer heels creating a sticky mess? Well, I have a simple, low-cost, all-natural solution that works in minutes: Simply rub peanut butter on the sticky part of your sole, wait five minutes and wipe it off. As long as you don't double dip, this tip is a hit!"

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