Tuesday Tip: How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring for Your Hand

There's more to engagement rings than the size of the diamond.

Tuesday Tip: How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring for Your Hand
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When it comes to engagement rings, it's easy to think "the bigger the better." A rock you can see from space? Yes, please!

But, actually, instead of simply wishing for the biggest diamond in the store, ASPIRI founder Isaac Gurary says you should consider the size of your hand, too.

Here's what Gurary had to say about picking the right rock for your hand:

Which cut of diamond is best for small hands and why? What cuts should you avoid?
For small hands, it's best to go with a proportionately smaller ring. Cushion cuts and oval cuts are typically the best for this. Avoid thicker, heavier bands as they can easily overwhelm smaller hands.

Which cut of diamond is best for large hands and why?
If you have larger hands, you can get away with much more, so get creative! Bulky, heavier styles, princess, and round cuts will look best.

Which cut of diamond should you look for if you have long fingers? Short fingers?
For long fingers, stick with a princess or cushion cut stone as they will be the most flattering. For shorter fingers, rounder cuts like oval or pear help the finger appear longer for a more flattering look.

Which cut of diamond is universally flattering?
The cushion cut is the most universally flattering. Cushion cuts can be different shapes — more square, round, elongated, etc., so you are bound to find a stone that works well with your hand!

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