You Complete Me: Nicole Shariat Farb's Mood Boosters

You Complete Me: Nicole Shariat Farb's Mood Boosters(Source: Nicole Shariat Farb, Amazon, Sephora; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Ever love a product so much it makes you feel whole? You’re not alone, which is why we’re having our favorite tastemakers spill the must-have items they can’t live without.

Who: Nicole Shariat Farb, @darbysmart
Where: San Francisco, CA
By Day: Co-founder and CEO of Darby Smart. Turning potential Pinterest #craftfails into your creative successes, one pretty blue Darby Smart box at a time.
By Night: Cherish red wine, play with glitter, ski as much as I can, dream of being a tennis star, and try my darndest to be a good wifey, daughter and friend.
Style: Exotic glam toned down by my roots as a surf chick.
You Complete Me: Givenchy Pehomen'Eyes Mascara, $30; and Mod Podge, $8
It has this unique rounded brush that pulls your lashes out for miles and lets you create a starlet look. I'm a dreamer and starlet reminds me of dreaming. I tend to wear mascara in the day like I'm headed out for the night—I just love it. I also can't live without Mod Podge. It's not a classic wellness product, but it creates a lot of wellness in my life. You are not a crafter if you don't have a giant bottle of Mod Podge. I even have one in my bathroom. Don't ask."

You Complete Me: Nicole Shariat Farb's Mood Boosters(Source: Sephora, Amazon)
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