Tuesday Tip: The Easy Way to Make Your Lipstick Last

Just a quick coating of baby powder guarantees all-day wear. Find out how, here.

Tuesday Tip: Baby Powder Lipstick
(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

If you're anything like us, you probably swipe on your lipstick once in the morning, only to have it rub off on your coffee cup minutes later, and then forget to reapply throughout the busyness of your hectic day. While we're tempted to program recurring reminder alerts on our iPhones, Christina Marrale, the Beauty Queen blogger and founder of Beauty Chat, an online service that provides makeup and beauty advice, came up with a far superior solution: make your lipstick budge-proof in the first place. Discover her easy trick for making lip products stay put all day long, below.

Tuesday Tip: Baby Powder Lipstick
(Source: Christina Marrale)

When I'm working on a client who has a long night ahead of her, I like to apply a light dusting of baby powder in between lipstick application to enhance the lasting power. Apply one coat of lipstick, then place a tissue over lips and dust baby powder around the lip area using a powder brush. Apply a second coat of lipstick and you're good to go!"

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