Tuesday Tip: The Proper Way to Apply Hair Products

You could be hindering your styling products by skipping this crucial step.

Tuesday Tip: Comb Product Through
(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

It's been said that your fingers are among the best beauty tools you can own, and we've often applied that logic when it comes to styling our hair. Whether raking creams through our strands or scrunching gel into curls, our hands have always seemed to do the trick. Or so we thought, until we met British celebrity hairstylist Tina Outen at Ricky's Revolver Salon in NYC, where she guest styles when she's not across the pond. She stressed the importance of using a comb when applying hair products—and considering she's responsible for the manes of Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lawrence and Suki Waterhouse, we'd all be wise to heed her seasoned advice.

Tuesday Tip: Comb Product Through
(Source: Tina Outen)

"Using a styling product to create a look on your hair will make it easier to succeed but application is key. If your hair is not freshly washed, mist it down with a water spray. The water on your hair will help it accept the product. But most importantly, comb your hair through evenly, from roots to tips. This not only ensures the product is on all of your hair but it evens it out and removes the excess, allowing the product to do its job and work its magic!"

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