Yes Please: Erica Weiner Isosceles Opal Earrings

Yes Please: Erica Weiner Isosceles Opal Earrings(Source: Erica Weiner)A friend who knows these things recently told us that one is not supposed to buy opals for one's self, but rather should receive them from someone else (a bit like the jewelry equivalent of fortune cookies).

So to any friends, acquaintances, or strangers with a yen for gifting things to people who love opals (ooh ooh right here!): please feel free to pull the trigger on these mystical-feeling triangular studs—handcrafted by members of the Zuni tribe in New Mexico, and available in neon-flecked green or milky white—and send them our way.

Isosceles Opal Earrings, $50 at Erica Weiner