The 10 Funniest Celebrities to Follow on Vine

The 10 Funniest Celebrities to Follow on Vine
(Source: FameFlynet Pictures, Aaron P/Bauer Griffin, Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images North America, Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images North America)First it was Instagram’s vintage filters that made us snap-happy, then the gut-busting gif movement happened. Now it’s all about Vine. Here, ten famous people whose hilarious, six-second clips of comedy make us laugh hysterically and also, make us wish we were friends in real life.

1. Arielle Vandenberg Actress, model, twenty-something living in Los Angeles, Arielle Vandenberg is also the significant other of Alex Turner, the front man of a little band called Arctic Monkeys. She’s gorgeous, hysterical, and self-deprecating. Lucky Alex.

2. Taylor Swift Who knew that Taylor is really funny? Sure she posts once every three months for a grand total of four Vines, but they’re worth the wait. The girl likes to bake, poke fun at her home-body life, and has even introduced us to her dad.

3. Lamorne Morris New Girl’s Winston makes R-rated skits when not on set, exploring important topics such as gold-digging. Oh, and most importantly, lots of Schmidt (Max Greenfield) sightings.

4. Taye Diggs Taye Diggs is totally weird, in the best way possible (meaning, you’ve done everything he's Vined when you were alone). We’re big fans watching him dance and get really excited about pleated pants. What we want to see more of: duets with his Broadway-bred wife Idina Menzel.

5. Will Sasso Former MadTV alum Will Sasso is the shock jock of six-second clips. Prepared to be disgusted while simultaneously laughing your lunch up.

6. Tyra Banks Our favorite supermodel turned Harvard Business School graduate, Vines! Tyra records herself doing outrageous things like, you know, twirling in the middle of a casino, and smizing.

7. Chris Mintz-Plasse Judd Apatow branded humor gets a new home. Expect bathroom jokes alongside some surprisingly contemplative dog videos. Mintz-Plasse is also pretty amazing at finding and re-Vining the best clips out there.

8. Chris D’elia Observational comedy at it’s best, and no one is safe. That means the guy at the drugstore, the guy in the booth next to him, liquor store owners. It’s the stuff you say to your best friend when you think no one is listening, except D’elia puts it up for 1.2 million followers to see. Of note: His operatic rendition of popular rap and pop songs always, always sung while driving.

9. Nick Jonas This little Jonas brother may have grown up, but he’ll still remind you of your own younger bro. Our favorite clip: A “Quiet please, taping” sign next to Nick with a roll of tape. Cue laugh track.

10. Eric Stonestreet Modern Family’s lovable uncle is pretty saucy on Vine. Find him heckling sidewalk evangelists, Dodgers stadium employees and touching strangers sleeping on on planes.