Our New Favorite Tumblr: Shopkeepers

Our New Favorite Tumblr: Shopkeepers
Various shopkeepers. (courtesy of Shopkeepers)With all the street style, fashion news, and Coveteurs of the web, it's really exciting for us Internet addicts to find something new.

Shopkeepers, a Tumblr dedicated to people who run stores and the people who shop at them, is just the thing to perk up our slow Friday afternoon.

The concept is pretty simple. There are posts about shoppers, like blogger Julia Frakes, with a brief description about who the shopper is and a list of their favorite stores and why.

Then, of course, there are the posts that feature shopkeepers in New York stores—folks with cult-like followings like the Opening Ceremony and Steven Alan gangs. Each post features basic information about the store, like its address and hours, and also profiles on its customers and merch.

To add mystery to the mix, the site is a weekend project of an anonymous NYC publicist who believes the beauty of the brick-and-mortar store has been lost in the modern online shopping fray.

"The site is meant to give the salespeople a personality, making the shopping experience less intimidating," the site's creator told us. "My husband sweats, stutters and, occasionally, will break out into hives because he feels uncomfortable around the salespeople."

"I love shopping and I love the shop boys and girls, they make the experience fun. Sometimes I just go to their store to hang out and not buying anything."

For more of the Shopkeepers, visit the site. Also check out their Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (@theshopkeepers)!