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Everyone knows teething can be exhausting. Whether the baby is sleepless at night or fussy all day — or worse, both!— you'll try anything to get some relief.

While over-the-counter remedies are abound, sometimes baby just needs something to gnaw on. And, if you're going to have to carry around teething toys, you might as well wear them around your neck as a cute fashion statement!

There are also the amber teething necklaces you see all those babies wearing through their toddler years, (my preschooler still won't take hers off!), and you've gotta wonder whether they really work. Although I'm not convinced they'll save your day, they are cute, and when you're struggling with a teething baby, it's worth it to try everything.

So, sit back and enjoy some cute teething necklaces for both mom and baby. With any luck, your teething plight is about to improve!