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Sweet And Charming Irish Baby Names

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The country of Ireland has always had an enchanting allure to it. With its green rolling hills, wondrous folklore, and ancient history, there is an undeniable magic to it. Also, Irish pride runs deep, and its influence can be felt far outside the country's limits. That's why so many people, of Irish origin or not, opt for giving their baby an Irish name.  

With meanings like light, pure, fierce, and warrior, these names are classic and straightforward, but far from boring. Some have simple spellings, while others are unique, but they're all beautifully Irish through and through. There's a wisdom and charm to these names, and we absolutely love them (can you tell?).

Looking for a name for your baby boy or girl (or little lad or lassie?)? Give them the luck of the Irish with one of these cute Irish baby names.