Hard Candy Peachy Nail Polish
"I went to high school in the late '90s, when two things were all the rage: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hard Candy nail polishes. My love for both collided when I read in a magazine that Sarah Michelle Gellar wore Hard Candy's Peachy nail polish both on and off set, and I'm pretty sure I threw the glossy on the floor and ran out to buy a bottle right then and there. Peachy became my go-to manicure color for years, not only because I loved the idea of wearing the exact same lacquer as my teen idol but because it truly was the most perfect neutral. Despite it being one of the brand's original six colors, Hard Candy eventually discontinued Peachy but I never forgot it—in fact, I've written the company a letter, tweeted them and even implored a hapless marketing executive I recently ran into at a beauty preview to please, please bring back Peachy. They haven't yet, and while I continue to roam the earth in search of a suitable replacement, the closest I've gotten is Morgan Taylor's New School Nude ($10). It's not an exact color match, but its go-with-everything shade featuring warm undertones makes me feel just as sophisticated."—Cristina Velocci, Deputy Editor