‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

Ever wondered how Olivia and Huck first met? So did we—thanks to the truly gifted team of writers over at Scandal (and several detailed flashbacks), we finally got the full story. Here goes!

Poor, poor Huck: Last time we saw Huck, he was huddled in a corner in shock after having been badly beaten and locked inside of a crate by Captain Jake Ballard in an empty storage unit. Quinn and Abby have been keeping a close eye on him, but they're not sure exactly what they should do to help him. He finally starts muttering incoherently, and they're able to make out what he's saying: Seven fifty-two... Seven fifty-two... Seven fifty-two... The girls continue to try to get in touch with Olivia, but Harrison comes in to tell the team that he found her...

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

...In the hospital: Olivia is healing up quite nicely after her nasty fall and subsequent concussion. Liv's doctor says she should be able to go home in the morning, before excitedly telling the President that he voted for him. Apparently Fitz has been there with Olivia the whole time. (Awwwwwwwww, how sweet!)

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

Fitz says sorry: After the star struck doctor leaves, Mr. President apologizes profusely to Olivia for the callous way he broke things off with her. Liv yells that she hates him and he's 'NOT forgiven.' He steps up his game and tells Olivia that he loves her, but he sees there's no use. (At least not right now.)

As Fitz leaves her hospital room, he runs into Jake who's been nervously waiting right outside. Fitz asks him exactly what happened, and Jake lies and tells him that Olivia was attacked in front of her apartment, but he has no earthly idea who did it. Mr. President angrily tells him to find out.

Harrison to the rescue: Brolivia Pope (ha!) tries to get in to Liv's room for a visit, but he's stopped by the Secret Service. Just as it dawns on him why they'd be there to protect Olivia, he notices a suspicious flower delivery guy wearing a baseball cap, exactly like the one Quinn said the man who attacked Huck wore. Harrison tried chasing him down, but it's no use—he's already gone.

Harrison does, however, manage to get Olivia on the phone. He tells her that he tried to come for a visit but was stopped by the President's men. When she starts to explain, Harrison stops her by saying it's none of his business. Their conversation turns back to Huck; Olivia has no clue what 'Seven fifty-two' means, so she tells Harrison to tell Abby and Quinn to keep talking to him; he needs that.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

Quinn gives it a shot: Quinn sits down next to Huck for a one-sided chat. As he rocks himself while still repeating 'Seven fifty-two,' Quinn reminisces about her dreams from the past and how she envisioned her life with Jesse would be, before Hollis Doyle stole their future. But thanks to Huck, Quinn says she's risen above it all and come through unscathed—she believes Huck can do the same for himself, if only he could take the first step by getting up off of the floor. Unfortunately he doesn't. He continues to chant 'Seven fifty-two...'

Abby takes her chance: It's Abby's turn to try and crack Huck. She starts by recounting her relationship with David and how they were really and truly in love before she had to give it all up for her job and Olivia, who loves her, too. She lost everything with David—that's the price she paid to be a gladiator. Huck doesn’t budge; ‘Seven fifty-two…’

Harrison gives it a go: He kneels next to Huck and tries to reason with him. Harrison tells Huck that he's a talker; he has always talked his way out of absolutely everything—including jail (wth Olivia's help, of course). Harrison also tells Huck that he understands that they’re polar opposites; since Huck is a hardcore action man of few words, Harrison has no idea what to say and how to get through to him. He tells Huck to be as crazy as he needs to be for as long as he wants--Harrison will be right there when he's ready to come back. ‘Seven fifty-two...’

In comes Cyrus: Fitz in hanging in a private waiting room when Cyrus unexpectedly shows up. Apparently one of the hospital employees tweeted that the President was in the hospital and all hell broke loose—the markets are crashing and reporters are swarming. Since Mr. President refuses to leave until the woman he loves is discharged, Cyrus remedies the situation by having the hospital replace the staff on Olivia's floor with military doctors who are sworn to secrecy and won’t blab about the President of the United States spending the night looking after his booty call. (Can’t be too careful.)

Jake walks in to hand Fitz a cup of coffee and is formally introduced to Cyrus (who looks as if he's already well acquainted with Jake). Later Cyrus calls on Charlie and asks him to dig deeper into the relationship Jake has with Olivia; something just isn't adding up.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

Finally, the showdown we've been waiting for: Fitz hands Olivia her clothes so that she can get dressed and head back home, but she snaps at him and tells him to leave. He says he loves her again, but she tells him that having her followed and cameras put in her apartment isn't a way to show love. Fitz explains his behavior by telling her that the Defiance fiasco really hurt him, especially since he feels as if Olivia 'fixed' him as well as the election, which is not love—it's control. Now that Fitz realizes he still loves her, he wants to be there for her again.

He asks Olivia if she still loves him, and she admits she does before walking away and telling Fitz that she can't do this with him anymore. He gets her attention when he says their secret catchphrase: One minute. Fitz pours his heart out to Liv in a long-winded speech about his feelings for her and they end up in a passionate embrace. Until she comes to her senses, pushes him away and hurries out of the room. Seems like she really can't do this anymore.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

Mellie's brought up to speed: Over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hal (a member of the Secret Service) tells the First Lady about Olivia's concussion and where her husband has been since 3:00 a.m. Hal also tells Mellie that Liv is being discharged in less than an hour, so Mr. President should be back home at the White House real soon.

When Fitz does get home, he sees Mellie is leaving him; she's packed her and baby Teddy's bags. They're secretly moving across the street into Blair House (the President's official guest house) to give Fitz some space in private to figure out what's more important: his on-again/off-again relationship with Olivia Pope or his family. And of course there's a catch—if he doesn't choose family, Mellie will hold a very public press conference and tell the world all about her philandering husband and his whore (her words, not ours) so that Fitz won't have a chance in hell at re-election. Decisions, decisions.

Jake and the mysterious guy: Captain Ballard is back on the park bench with the guy who always calls the shots; Jake brings his boss up to speed on the Olivia situation before requesting to be reassigned on the account of a conflict of interest. Mr. Mysterious eerily reminds Jake that in this business, there's no such thing as 'getting out.'

Over at Pope & Associates: Olivia is out of the hospital and back in the office. She goes straight to the back room to check on Huck, who's still chanting 'Seven fifty-two.' Olivia calmly reaches out to touch him, which gets Huck to stop muttering. She chokes back tears while telling him that it wasn't her who saved him five years ago in the metro station—it was Huck who saved her. Olivia tells him that she needs him to snap out of this trance immediately because he's her other half; she can't do anything without him. Huck cries as he tells Olivia that he thinks he used to have a family, but he's not sure if he just imagined it all.

Huck's backstory (hallucinations?): Through several flashbacks, we learn that Huck used to lead a pretty normal life; he has a girlfriend who works as an elementary school teacher, and he's a PFC (private first class) in the Marine Corps. He gets called back to Washington, DC early from his tour over in Kosovo for a "meeting,” where Huck is offered a high-paid, highly classified position with the CIA. Charlie (Cyrus' go-to goon) is assigned as Huck's mentor, who tells him that his job is to torture and kill enemies of the state. Huck really starts to enjoy the gig and comes into his own, until his girlfriend Kim falls pregnant. Huck asks her to marry him as soon as she tells him. They have a mini ceremony at the Justice of the Peace and buy a house before Kim gives birth to their son. That’s when Huck starts to crack.

See, when Huck first accepted the position, he was told that he can’t have a family or a wife and children—the CIA will be his family. Charlie finds out about Huck’s little secret and tells him to get rid of them immediately. Huck says he will but secretly plans to take his family and run. As Huck leaves home one night to go to the bank to get enough cash for their escape, Charlie grabs him and locks him away in an underground cell. Every few weeks they open the cell to ask him if he has a wife and son, and every time Huck says yes until he finally says no. He's let out and is given another assignment. Only he can't complete it. A compassionate Charlie steps in and gives Huck the out he's been wanting—he pretends he killed Huck, and in exchange, Huck has to leave town and never return or speak to his family again, otherwise he'll kill them all. (We’re still not sure how Huck ends up homeless in a DC metro station.)

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap – 'Seven Fifty-Two'

About 'Seven fifty-two': In the end, we're treated to one last flashback. Homeless Huck is sitting in his usual spot in the metro station when he sees his ex-wife and son step off the train. He sees a homeless man who looks hungry, so she gives her son a dollar to give to him, not checking to see exactly who it is. Huck's son runs over to give him the money and smile; they lock eyes for a second before he runs back to his mother. Huck looks up at the clock—it's 7:52 a.m.

And now, our questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-Any idea who Albatross is yet?

-Will Huck reunite with his family?

-Does the CIA know that Charlie lied about killing Huck all those years ago?

-What's this mystery man's deal?!