'Scandal' Season 2, Episode 12 Recap - 'Truth or Consequences'

'Scandal' Season 2, Episode 12 Recap - 'Truth or Consequences'
(ABC) Kerry Washington stars in Scandal

'Scandal' Season 2, Episode 12 Recap - 'Truth or Consequences'
Scandal season 2, episode 12 recap - "Truth or Consequences"
Gear up, Gladiators. This episode was chock full of flashbacks and long overdue revelations that answered a lot of lingering questions—but inevitably left us with plenty more.

A look back at Lindsay and Jesse: Finally we see what really went down two years ago between Lindsay Dwyer (a.k.a. Quinn Perkins) and her boyfriend Jesse Tyler, the Cytron employee who was the brains behind Fitzgerald Grant’s election rigging, hired by none other than oil tycoon Hollis Doyle.

We learn that Lindsay was actually a loving (albeit annoying) girlfriend to Jesse—the kind that's always right there when you need her. She shows up at Cytron to take Jesse for lunch one afternoon, catching him in a totally-platonic-but-could-potentially-be-perceived-as-flirtatious conversation with an attractive co-worker, Elaine, which raises her suspicions.

Scandal Season 2 Episode 12
Scandal – Season 2, Episode 12 – Olivia unravels as her colleagues learn the truth about the rigged election; Mellie tries to reel Fitz in. (ABC)more pics »Jesse finds out that Hollis stands to bank a lot more money—TWO BILLION to be exact—off of stealing the election than they’d originally anticipated, so he decides that he wants a bigger slice of the pie, too. Jesse makes the unfortunate decision to blackmail Hollis for five million dollars (quite a fair fee, considering), which sets this whole nasty chain of events (otherwise known as the entire “Scandal” plot) into motion. Seething with anger after his threatening phone call with Hollis, Jesse spills coffee on his laptop, which Lindsay dutifully drops off at a repair shop.

To safeguard his sordid secret, Hollis has Jesse and six co-workers murdered at Cytron via a parcel bomb, surprisingly addressed to him from his girlfriend, Lindsay Dwyer. He probably thought it was an apology gift from her since she blew up at him, having accused him of cheating on her after she saw a sext message on his cell phone. But guess who sent it?

Scandal Season 2 Episode 12
Scandal – Season 2, Episode 12 – Olivia unravels as her colleagues learn the truth about the rigged election; Mellie tries to reel Fitz in. (ABC)more pics »Becky! The bitch is back: We thought we’d never see her again after she was caught attempting to assassinate Mr. President a second time. Actually, she’s been lurking in the background since day one. Becky was hired a couple of years ago by Hollis to do recon on Jesse Tyler. Becky assembled and mailed the bomb to Cytron. Becky even sent the faux sext message to Jesse. (She’s good!)

Atonement is a-coming: While Becky is essentially on death row, there’s more good news: It look’s like all of Hollis Doyle’s chickens are finally coming home to roost. We see the snarky southerner seated in assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen’s office being offered a lifeline for any details he’s willing to share on his alleged involvement in the election rigging. Of course he balks in disgust, huffs and puffs and storms out, but for once—David’s on the right track and Hollis realizes he has cause to worry.

Bear in mind that Hollis was not only the one behind the election-rigging plot, and the one who hired Jesse’s murder; he also ordered the hit on Mr. President. And Olivia full well knows it.

Scandal Season 2 Episode 12
Scandal – Season 2, Episode 12 – Olivia unravels as her colleagues learn the truth about the rigged election; Mellie tries to reel Fitz in. (ABC)more pics »Olivia’s off her game: ‘The Fixer’ (as she’s affectionately known) needs to fix herself. Even though she usually plays for the good guys, Olivia is the first to admit that she doesn’t always wear the white hat. Now that her deceitful dealings are coming back to haunt her, she’s slowly but surely unraveling with a guilty conscience that leaves her dazed, confused and bedridden for half the episode.

On the verge of a mental breakdown, Olivia decides to confide in Cyrus (President Fitz’s right hand man and White House Chief of Staff), who is uncharacteristically comforting, even borrowing her favorite one-liner to assure her that he has the Hollis situation under control: “Consider it handled.”

Only she doesn’t. She also decides to confide in a newly bald Verna, whose cancer has begun to take its toll. Verna’s at the other end of the spectrum from Cyrus, essentially saying that she’s paid for her part in the election rigging with her health, and if Olivia has a chance at redemption, she should take it and suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.

With that, Olivia decides to turn Hollis in for attempting to assassinate Mr. President, and even tells David Rosen where he’s hidden his secret cell phone and the smoking gun in his office. He’s arrested at there, just after lamenting his secretary for his sushi lunch and barking an order for a ‘Gettysburger’ and a ‘General Lee’ with cheese and bacon. We’re not entirely sure what that is, but it sounds incredibly caloric. (We’ll pass.)

Of course Cyrus isn’t happy since he’ll go down in this too, so Olivia tells him to get his house in order, and hire a lawyer. “A good one!”

Scandal Season 2 Episode 12
Scandal – Season 2, Episode 12 – Olivia unravels as her colleagues learn the truth about the rigged election; Mellie tries to reel Fitz in. (ABC)more pics »Good gladiators: Meanwhile Olivia’s team—and her boyfriend, Senator Edison Davis—knows something’s seriously wrong. They're just not sure exactly what, but between the four of them, they’re miraculously able to piece it all together—from Lindsay/Quinn’s mysterious background to David Rosen’s meddling to the election rigging. As per usual, Quinn, Abby, Harrison and Huck decide to follow Olivia over a cliff and help her make the charges against Hollis stick. She asks them to do as much digging as they can to find any and every connection to Hollis and the bombing, which leads Lindsay to return to the computer repair shop to pick up Jesse’s laptop she dropped off two years earlier…

She hands it over to tech-savvy Huck who is able to dig through Jesse’s personal documents and bank statements, proving that he did receive a $1 million wire transfer from Hollis a day after the election. Huck also follows the same money trail and sees that Becky was paid a substantial sum three weeks ago, a day after the assassination attempt. Huck goes to visit Becky in prison to ask for her help in bringing Hollis to justice. She agrees, only after Huck tells her his real name. (Endearing, since assassins never ever use their government names. That was Huck’s way of proving his loyalty to her.)

Huck digs a little deeper and realizes that Hollis wasn’t the one who paid Becky. Olivia calls David Rosen to set the record straight, though it may be too late—Cyrus the Monster has already dispatched his go-to goon to kill Hollis after he’s released from prison with no charges.

Scandal Season 2 Episode 12
Scandal – Season 2, Episode 12 – Olivia unravels as her colleagues learn the truth about the rigged election; Mellie tries to reel Fitz in. (ABC)more pics »Poor Mellie: Back at the White House, the First Lady is 9 months gone with ‘America’s Baby,’ and all Mr. President really wants is a divorce so that he can finally try and give it a go with Olivia. But is he too late? When he calls Olivia to share the (good?) news, he learns that Senator Edison Davis already beat him to the punch by proposing to Olivia with a rather sparkly stunner set in a gorgeous pave setting. (Not bad, Senator. Not bad at all.) Of course she has yet to accept or reject. Later we see her staring at—but not wearing—her potential engagement ring.

But we digress. Mellie ran and told Cyrus that Mr. President wants divorce, and that she’ll raise holy hell if he tries to go through with it. Cyrus calms her down and assures her that he’ll get the President to come to his senses.

Too bad Mr. President has seen the light of day, having come so very close to death with that pesky bullet to the head several weeks back. He’s decided that he’s willing to commit political suicide because he doesn't want to waste another second of his precious life married to Mellie, and tells Cyrus just that, even after Cyrus warns him that the country won’t accept a divorce while he’s in the White House, nor will they accept a Black woman as his wife’s replacement.

So much for progress, America.

Cyrus returns to tell Mellie she’s on her own on this one, and if she has one last ace up her sleeve—she needs to lay it on the table not now, but right now. And she actually does; while it’s not up her sleeve per se, it gestating underneath her maternity shirt. (Close enough.)

Mellie scurries off to see her obstetrician, and somehow convinces her to induce labor early so that she can divert her husband’s attention off of their impending divorce and onto their family and newborn baby. (Good luck with that!)

Scandal Season 2 Episode 12
Scandal – Season 2, Episode 12 – Olivia unravels as her colleagues learn the truth about the rigged election; Mellie tries to reel Fitz in. (ABC)more pics »And now, our questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-Is Fitz aware of the election rigging in Defiance, Ohio? Or is he alone in thinking he won the presidential election fair and square? If so, how dreadful! We can’t wait to see this house of cards come tumbling down, dragging everyone along for the ride.

-What’s Mellie’s angle with inducing labor a full four weeks early? Wanting to forge a bond with her husband during the birth of their child makes perfect sense, but if that was her only trump card to play, what’s next? We doubt a screaming newborn will make a man want to stay with a wife he’s hell bent on leaving…

-Who. Shot. Fitz?! If it wasn’t Hollis, our money’s on bitter-and-biding-her-time Vice President Sally Langston, scorned soon-to-be ex-wife Mellie Grant, or Olivia’s head-over-heels-in-love boyfriend (fiancé?) Senator Edison Davis. Deep down he knows those two had a thing at one point, even if she won’t admit it… This wouldn’t be the first time a paramour went to such extreme lengths to eliminate the competition.

-WHO WILL OLIVIA CHOOSE? She’s got two handsome powerful men lusting after her… Some girls have all the luck.

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