‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap—‘Nobody Likes Babies’

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap—‘Nobody Likes Babies’

Gladiators, ABC was 1000000000% right—this week’s episode was most certainly a game changer. Where do we even begin?

Hollis gets a lifeline: Last time we saw Hollis Doyle—the swashbuckling Southern oil tycoon who bombed Cytron—he was joined in the elevator by Charlie, the man Cyrus hired to kill him. Now we learn that Huck got in the elevator, too, and quickly cut a deal with them both so that everyone would get off the elevator alive. (Close call!)

Oh, baby: Remember when the First Lady convinced her OB/GYN to induce labor four weeks early in an effort to try and keep her husband? Luckily the still-unnamed baby boy is here and doing just fine. But surprise, surprise, mother and father aren’t—at least not right this second.

Fitz pulls Mellie aside to inform her that he plans to have a lot of access to his children after they divorce, to which she defiantly replies, “There will be no divorce.” Mr. President keeps eerily cool while forcefully uttering three powerful words to his wife: “Don’t. Push. Me.” Guess Baby X isn’t exactly the Band-Aid this marriage so desperately needed after all.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap—‘Nobody Likes Babies’

Mr. President and his mistress: After his showdown with Mellie, Fitz runs into Olivia just as she’s finishing up a meeting with Cyrus. He pulls her aside to ask her to wait for him so that they can be together, whether it takes a few months or four full years. She says she’ll think about it. (Huh?!)

Mellie’s mad about it: Meanwhile back at the White House, the First Lady runs to Cyrus to once again try and rope him into helping her keep her marriage together. She tells Cyrus that if he files for divorce, she’ll expose Fitz’s affair with Olivia Pope and take his family, his money, his career and his future right along with her. Oh, and she’ll run for President, too. Basically she’ll ruin his entire life. Over and over and over again.

Cyrus vs. James, Round 1: Speaking of Cyrus, he finally found out that his civil partner James had been busy helping assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen uncover damning facts on his part in the Defiance, Ohio election rigging fiasco two years ago. When James was subpoenaed, he went straight to Cyrus to ask his opinion on what he thought he should do. Before laying all the dirty details out on the table, Cyrus had one simple request: He asks James to remove all of his clothing to prove that he’s not wearing a wire. Somehow James talks Cyrus into doing the same and they both end up in the buff (awkward!), bearing their truths. (How poetic—naked for their heart-to-heart ‘Come to Jesus’ moment. That ought to net one of them an Emmy.)

When Cyrus asks James what he planned to do—lie on the stand to save his ass along with their marriage or tell the truth, James succinctly replies, “I’m going to take care of our daughter,” insinuating that he plans to tell the truth and resign Cyrus to a life lived behind bars in an 8 x 8 jail cell.

Cyrus doesn’t like that one bit, and makes a drastic decision. He calls his go-to hit man Charlie to off his husband James just as he’s approaching the courthouse to testify before the grand jury. Cyrus has a change of heart and calls Charlie off at the very last second. (We’re talking mere seconds—James was literally 2 seconds away from being rubbed out.)

David and Abby are back on (for about 20 minutes): Olivia decides she needs to know everything David Rosen knows about the Cytron bombing, and Huck reminds her that they still have a bug in his office (named Bobblehead!). They retrieve the recordings—supplied by their spy on countless stacks of audio CDs—and settle in to listen to absolutely everything that’s happened in that office over the last several months. Abby realizes that Olivia, Huck and Harrison knew about her romantic relationship with Rosen all along and strictly forbids them from listening to her and David engaging in sexual activity. If they so much as hear things getting hot and heavy, they’re to immediately hand it over to her and she’ll complete the audio surveillance. (Obviously she ends up with a ton of CDs. Apparently she and David were getting busy.)

On one of the evenings she slept over at David’s, Abby fell asleep and David whispered ‘I love you’ in her ear. Abby hears this and demands Olivia tell her if she was behind their breakup. Olivia coolly admits she was, and Abby storms off to yell at Harrison for playing a significant part in the demise of her relationship, too.

But she’s not done—she ends up over David’s house, where she confesses she loves him as well. They sleep together and he foolishly leaves her alone in his apartment. She cracks his safe and steals the one piece of evidence holding the Cytron bombing case together.

David quickly figures out Abby has it, after James got on the stand and flat out lied about having ever told him anything about Cytron at all. (See? Cyrus worried for nothing!) David rushes over to the Olivia Pope & Associates office to retrieve the voter machine memory card from her, and she pretends she doesn’t have it. He snatches her purse and empties it, but clever Abby has hidden the evidence in her bra. (Silly David—everyone knows women hide everything in their bras!) He tells Abby it’s over—their relationship and his career. He leaves her in tears, and she hands the card over to Olivia, effectively choosing her career over love. While it’s sad that Abby lost her second chance at love with David, the good news here is that it looks like the proof behind the election-rigging plot will never be realized. Phew!

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap—‘Nobody Likes Babies’

Guess who tried to kill Mr. President?: Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Olivia figures out it was Justice Verna Thorton, the cancer-riddled Supreme Court Judge who was actually in on the election-rigging plot, too.

See, when everything relating to the Cytron scandal started coming to light, Verna decided it best to eternally eliminate Mr. President to save everyone else’s asses. Only her assassin Becky failed at her mission, leaving Fitz alive and well. Since she’s on her deathbed anyway, Verna calls Fitz to her hospital room to confess it all, including the fact that everyone he holds near and dear was in on it too, namely Mellie, Cyrus and Olivia. Verna also calls David Rosen so that she can tell him the truth. Of course Mr. President arrives at the hospital first.

Fitz for hire: Fitz was obviously pissed at Verna for trying to have him assassinated, and callously murdering the White House Press Secretary in the process. But he knows turning her in isn't remotely an option. For starters, she’s already knocking on death’s door. Plus, telling the truth would be the ultimate downfall of him. If the public found out that he obtained his position in office illegally, that would be the end of his political career, regardless of the fact that he had absolutely nothing to do with the election-rigging scheme in the first place. Instead of allowing Verna the chance to relieve her conscience to David Rosen, he repays Verna in kind by cutting off her oxygen and taking her life. That’s right—Mr. President sought his own retribution and is now a murderer. (Watch out Charlie. There’s another ruthless killer lurking around the spherical streets of D.C.)

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap—‘Nobody Likes Babies’

Olivia’s big decision: Senator Edison Davis goes by Olivia’s apartment to find out what’s her decision on his proposal. She gives him back his grandmother’s ring and tells him that they would never work, simply because it’s too easy between them. She wants a love that’s painful, difficult and devastating. Careful what you wish for, darling.

Olivia runs into Mr. President at Verna’s funeral and coyly tells him that she’s decided to wait for him. He coldly tells her he changed his mind, and in so many words, to beat it. Last week she had two men, now she has none. It's a cold, cold world—even The Fixer herself can’t fix this one.

Later Fitz is seen cozying up to his wife Mellie, telling her that they need to be a team and look out for one another. It all ends in a kiss. Guess that means they’re back on?

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap—‘Nobody Likes Babies’

And then there’s Quinn: Now that everyone knows everyone’s dirty little secrets, Quinn wants her revenge on Hollis Doyle for masterminding the Cytron explosion that killed her boyfriend Jesse Tyler and pretty much messed up her entire life. Quinn offers Huck $5000 to assassinate Hollis, and Huck declines the cash and offers to do it for free on one condition—she has to quit Olivia Pope and Associates. Why? They’re in the business of fixing problems, not revenge. She can choose to have Hollis killed and return to her life as Lindsay Dwyer, or she can let it go and continue being Quinn Perkins. After mulling it over for a few seconds, she wisely decides on the latter. At least one life was spared.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap—‘Nobody Likes Babies’

And now, our questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-Now that Fitz is in the loop about the election rigging, and he and Mellie are (seemingly) back in each other’s good graces, what happens to everyone else? Does Cyrus get to keep his job?

-Will James ever find out that he was nanoseconds from death, thanks to his hubby Cyrus?

-When is Mr. President going to get busted for murdering Verna? He can’t get away scot-free.

-Has anyone seen Hollis Doyle? He came within an inch of his life in that elevator, and we all know he’s not the kind of man that takes an assassination attempt on his life lightly. Can’t hardly wait to see what kind of vengeance he’s plotting against Cyrus…