‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 21 Recap – 'Any Questions'

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 21 Recap – 'Any Questions'

Now that Mellie let the cheating cat out of the bag so to speak, it's time to try to spin the story and save Fitz's plum position in the White House. Or is it? Here's what went down on Scandal this week.

Cyrus does damage control: The White House Chief of Staff is holding a press conference to try and rein in the media and their incessant questions about Mellie’s infidelity accusations against her husband. The President would prefer that this be treated as a private matter, and that’s all there is to it. For now, at least.

After he’s done, he heads over to Olivia’s pad to bark some sense into Fitz (who’s currently in bed on top of Olivia). They jump out of bed to get dressed and get back to real life. Olivia wants to fix it, but Fitz doesn’t want her to—he’s ordering her to stand down and allow him to deal with this on his own if she wants their relationship to work. She reluctantly agrees.

Over at Olivia Pope & Associates: Olivia heads straight into the office to get caught up. David is having a pretty big laugh about the President’s extramarital affair. He says that he hopes the other woman—whoever she is—has Olivia Pope on her team. Oh, the irony.

Olivia then learns from her team that Cyrus isn’t the mole, Charlie is still on the lam, and whoever the mole is knows about election rigging. She runs straight to her safe and checks to make sure the Cytron card is still there—you know, the one from Defiance, Ohio that changed the course of history. The good news? It’s still safely hidden away from the world. The bad news? David Rosen sees it. He now knows for sure that Abby stole it from his apartment (and has lied about it ever since) and cost him his high-powered A.D.A. gig.

Mellie’s new hire: Across the street from the White House, Mellie is having a chat with her own fixer. (And before you ask yourself, of course it’s not Olivia Pope.) Problem is, they’re not getting along too well. Mellie snaps at him to him know she’s in charge, but he’s better at this than she thinks. He calls her bluff and asks her why she didn’t bother to name the other woman. Looks like Mellie doesn’t want to play all of her cards at once.

Team meeting: Cyrus and Fitz are having a meeting with the White House aids; they’re tossing around ideas on how to spin this fiasco to the public. Fitz kicks them all out and drops an atomic bomb in Cy’s lap—he’ll make a speech at a press conference tonight, and he’ll announce that he will not be seeking a second term.

Cue the inevitable Cyrus freak out. He tries to reason with Fitz and says he’ll gladly help him facilitate the affair with Olivia under Mellie’s nose if that will help, but the President has made up his mind. He wants to be with Olivia, out in the open and in public. If that costs him his Presidency, so be it.

Jake meets his boss: Back on the park bench, Jake’s getting tore a new one for allowing the President and Olivia to spend the night together. Jake’s orders were clear—get in between Olivia and Fitz. He’s failed.

Jake shows his boss a photo of Charlie, the man who works for Cyrus and is on to Jake and Olivia’s relationship. Jake’s boss knows how to remedy the issue, but first, Jake needs to hand over the tape of him and Olivia being intimate. And track down Charlie and bring him in.

Sally Langston’s back: We haven’t seen much of the genteel Southern belle turned Vice President this season, but we finally see her again taking a walk in a White House corridor with Cyrus Beene, where she’s making small talk and snide remarks about his newfound problems with Fitz. We also learn that she’s now the prime suspect as the mole.

Olivia’s now the client: While the team starts digging up dirt on Sally, Harrison corners Olivia in her office and asks what her end game is. She’s not the fixer, she’s the problem—his problem. She’s now his client and he needs to know what should be done so he can start gaining control of the situation.

Olivia is amused. She orders Harrison to get back to work on Sally Langston. Whether she’s the problem or not, she’s still in charge. Bloop!

A rather rude revelation: Cyrus and his husband and James are in the midst of a fight. James is defending his decision to interview Mellie on air; since he had no idea what she wanted to talk about, he can’t be blamed for being in the midst of this ‘flustercuck.’ Plus, it was his big break. Shouldn't Cy want to be happy for him?

Wrong. Cyrus laughs in his husband’s face while telling James that Mellie got him that job and asked him to be a part of the interview so that she could deliver a double-blow to her husband the President and his right-hand man, Cyrus. He also tells James that he can’t be that stupid as to not know it—why would they pass over Anderson Cooper and Diane Sawyer in lieu of James Novak… virtually a nobody with no on-air experience? Cy then angrily exits the room and leaves a devastated James in tears.

More on Sally: The team has decided to hack into her computer network using her daughter’s email account. They get her to open a Trojan email through expert advice they get from David—remember he worked with kids that are Sally’s daughter’s age after he was fired from his A.D.A. gig?

The team quickly realizes that Sally’s not the mole. Now they’re back to square one. Olivia senses her team’s frustration and orders them all to take a break. David decides to stay behind and wait for Cyrus to make another speech at the White House—watching him squirm is David’s porn.

Olivia and Cy have a chat: The two old pals meet to sip coffee and chew the fat on a White House park bench. Cyrus asks Olivia to not take the President away from his job, but Olivia tells him she can’t control this or him. Cy believes if Mellie names and shames Olivia as the other woman, the Republican Party won’t recover for years and years.

Olivia washes her hands with the situation and heads back to her office, leaving Cy with his head in his hands on the bench. But he’s not alone for long—Jake’s boss approaches and greets his old friend Cy.

They take a walk around the park when the mysterious guy tells Cy that he knows Olivia Pope is the other woman. He also tells Cy that Charlie used to work for him, before Cy contracted him. And he asks Cy why he hasn’t shown the President the tape of Olivia and Jake being intimate—that would surely save the Republican Party.

Mr. Mysterious orders Cy to use the tape to his advantage and never contact Charlie again. Cy agrees. (We never thought we’d see the day when Cy so calmly took orders from anyone!)

Phone boning: Olivia and Fitz have a friendly phone chat and download the details of their day on one another. Before hanging up, they both agree that they still want to be together, despite the downfall that’s sure to come.

Olivia immediately receives another call—she thinks it’s Fitz, but it’s actually her ex-lover, Jake, who is enquiring about the status of her relationship with Fitz.

Mellie and her fixer: Back over at Blair House, the fixer is busy trying to coax the identity of the other woman out of Mellie by telling her that everyone is now trying to figure out if she’s even telling the truth. They need to put a face to accusation to make it stick so that her camp controls the fallout.

But Mellie’s apprehensive—she wants to wait until Fitz makes a statement later that evening. She asks her fixer to get an advance copy of his speech; that’ll determine whether or not she’s ready to play her most valuable hand.

Charlie’s back: Old habits diehard. Charlie makes a sugar run to his favorite bakery to order some snacks when he realizes the usual salesgirl isn’t there. He’s told that she’s out sick, but something just doesn’t feel right. He takes his cannoli’s into the bathroom where he realizes he’s been made—there’s a tracking device in his bag and a tracing powder agent covering it!

Now that it’s all over him and his hands, Charlie makes it a point to touch and transfer it to as many people as possible in order to lose his follower (who happens to be Jake).

Charlie gets to the White House and makes a call to Cyrus, asking for clearance into the White House. Cyrus keeps his word to Mr. Mysterious—Cy pretends he doesn’t know Charlie and tells him to never ever call him again.

Charlie makes it to another location—Olivia Pope & Associates. When Liv’s team returns from their coffee break, they see Charlie pointing a gun at David Rosen’s head. Huck draws his gun too, but Charlie assures them all that he comes in peace. He puts all of his weapons on the table, sits down and makes a startling revelation—he wants to hire Olivia.

The speech: Fitz has finished writing it and hands it off to Cyrus for approval. Cyrus skims it and says it’s fine. He doesn’t even put up a fight, which throws Fitz off. They kick up their feet and laugh about the last four years.

Somehow, Mellie’s fixer got her hands on one of Fitz’s rough drafts of the speech; he called in a favor and someone got it out of his trashcan. Mellie looks it over and realizes that Fitz is going to throw away the Presidency for Olivia Pope. And that’s when the fixer realizes exactly why Mellie won't name the other woman; if she does, that makes this affair real in the eyes of the public and far too hard to recover from. Plus, Fitz will hate her and never come back home.

Mellie wants to wait until the actual speech is given before she and her fixer proceed any further; she has faith that her husband won’t give it all up in the end.

About Albatross: Charlie is willing to give up the name of the mole in exchange for his freedom; he wants to be able to live a normal life without looking over his shoulder, just like Huck is able to do.

Huck decides to deal with Charlie in his own way—they speak the same language. Huck takes Charlie to an undisclosed location, ties him up and promises to kill him quickly if he gives up the mole. Charlie slides the name over to Huck on a piece of paper. Just before Huck is ready to pull the trigger, Quinn walks in and gives Huck the exact same speech he gave her a few weeks ago—either he can stay and do his job, or he can get revenge and leave. Huck chooses the former; Charlie is set to walk free.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 21 Recap – 'Any Questions'

Harrison’s pseudo client: Olivia walks into Harrison’s office and hands him two folders—the brown one features the names of everyone who owes them a favor. When the chips begin to fall, that’s where he starts. The black folder is their ‘Hail Mary’ shot in the dark—it’s their last resort.

She also gives Harrison the combination to her wall safe—he needs to put the folders in there for safe keeping until they need to use them. He does, and realizes the Cytron card is gone.

Jake meets the mystery man again: Jake watches the footage of he and Olivia getting busy one last time before he packs it up and delivers the DVD to his boss, who orders him to carry on with his mission—only this time he better not screw it up.

It’s show time: Just before Fitz is set to make his big speech, he heads back into the Oval Office and sees Olivia there. Cy came to grab her from Pope & Associates to see if she can talk some sense into him one last time.

It works. Turns out, Fitz never filed his statement of candidacy papers to begin with, because he didn't feel as if he deserves to be President after the whole Defiance fiasco. She turns that back on him and tells Fitz that it’s his chance to run a completely clean campaign and win.

When Fitz gets in front of the press, he opens with one heel of a kicker: “My marriage is none of your business.” He follows up with a declaration to run again.

Introducing Albatross: Finally! Huck and Quinn arrive back at the office and are met by Abby and Harrison. Huckleberry Quinn has the name of the mole, but Harrison has even more pressing news: The Cytron card is missing. It's been passed on to the mole—Billy Chambers, Sally Langston’s former Chief of Staff. And who passed it? David Rosen, who led the team to believe that Charlie took the card. We're guessing the team doesn't know that.

And now, our questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-Ummmmmm, we thought Huck killed Billy Chambers back in the season finale of the first season. What repercussions will Huck face for this lack in carrying through on his duty? In all honesty, all of this is kind of his fault.

-What will Charlie do with his life now that he’s been given a free pass by Huck? Will he try to retaliate in some sort of way?

-What’s going to happen when Fitz learns about Jake and Olivia being intimate?

-And will we ever learn the mystery man’s name and professional function?