‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 22 Recap – 'White Hat's Back On'

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 22 Recap – 'White Hat's Back On'

It can't be easy being caught up in the world's biggest scandal (pun intended), even if you are the very best fixer there is. Here's what happened with Olivia Pope and friends on the season two finale of Scandal!

These are what we call life lessons: If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. Olivia asked Huck not to kill Billy Chambers, so he thought he’d be slick and sub-contract that work to Charlie. Problem is, Billy was able to convince Charlie to partner with him instead.

The new co-conspirator: When Verna Thornton died (or was murdered I should say), that opened up a spot on the unofficial Defiance election-rigging council. Joining Hollis Doyle, Mellie, Cyrus and Olivia is none other than Fitz—the man they conspired for in the first place.

Hollis wants to kill Billy, but Fitz decides that no more blood is to be shed; they’ll get the Cytron card back from fair and square before he outs them.

Who Fitz loves: Mellie rushes out of the meeting distraught; it’s the first time she’s seen her husband since she outed his affair to the world. He barely acknowledges her! Cyrus runs after her and assures her that Fitz wants to come back to her and they just have to show him the way.

In the other room, Liv tells Fitz she realizes she’ll have to wait another four years to be with him—she doesn’t like it, but she’ll do it. Fitz tells her that’s not an issue, he intends to run for President and win again, and he also intends to marry Liv and move her into the White House!

Olivia tells him that’ a problem, and Fitz counters and calls her bluff. “Fix it! Handle it! I love you, but the American public needs fixing. They love Mellie—they’re the problem. Fix it!”

And then they kiss and have sex. Duh.

A huge request: Jake’s scary boss is requesting a face-to-face meeting with Olivia, but Jake is reluctant to set it up. He wants to know why the mystery man wants to see her in the first place, but he doesn't get any answers—his boss walks off with a mystery woman walking right behind him.

A revelation: James is livid at Cyrus for freezing him out; The Post is getting all of the White House scoop and exclusives, and James knows full well all the info is coming directly from his husband. But there’s one thing that James knows that even Cyrus doesn’t—he tells Cy that Sally Langston intends on running against Fitz in the Republican primary. Apparently she's planning to run against her former running mate! 

He runs to Langston’s office to find out if her intentions are true, and indeed they are. Cue the inevitable Cyrus gasket-blowing.

Governor Reston’s back: Over at Olivia Pope and Associates, the team is busy trying to figure out whom Billy is working for. They settle on Governor Samuel Reston; the Democrat Fitz unfairly beat four years ago.

Olivia goes to visit him to see if he’s planning to run again; he says no, but her gut is telling her that he’s lying.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 22 Recap – 'White Hat's Back On'

Quinn is getting good: She’s hacked the security cameras outside of Governor Reston’s mansion. If Billy has been to see the Governor, they’ll know.

Huck is worried about his protégé; she’s getting too good, too fast. Huck says Quinn reminds him of himself, and he also tells Olivia that he worries about her as well.

Olivia tells him not to. She’s written a plan to fix the situation; she’ll be First Lady when Fitz gets divorced. Huck looks a bit shocked, but then Olivia tells him that she worries about herself, too.

And Olivia’s gut was right—Billy was seen outside of Reston’s manse on the camera just two hours ago. David overhears the discussion about Billy and calls his unlikely co-conspirator and tips him off.

The Mystery man is back on the bench: This time he’s speaking angrily with Cyrus, who doesn't understand why B-613 would care about the President’s involvement with Liv. Mr. Mystery tells Cy that he’s handling Olivia Pope and Cyrus’ only job at this point is to drop the sex tape bomb to the President. Now!

Affairs of the heart: As mystery man walks off, Cy gets a phone call. It’s Liv; she tells Cy that Billy Chambers is working with Governor Reston. Cyrus is pissed—Reston is in the Oval Office having a meeting with Fitz right now!

Olivia tells Cy that he needs to get in there to stop their meeting right now, but he collapses in pain before he has a chance. Cy has a heart attack. (As if we didn't all see this coming.)

The “Unity” Ticket: Meanwhile in the Oval Office, Reston gets straight to the point—he wants to switch political parties and have Fitz fire Sally Langston so that he can be sworn in as Vice President. Fitz has until 9 A.M. tomorrow to accept the offer.

Olivia thinks it’s a bad idea; she and Fitz are discussing it with Cyrus on the phone, who happens to be calling from an ambulance on his way to the hospital!

James goes to visit his husband in the hospital and says that Cy better not die while they’re mad at each other. While they’re embracing, James asks again for confirmation about Fitz and Mellie seeking marital help with their Pastor. Cy relents and tells him that it’s true.

A game of who: Olivia is busy trying to figure out who actually has the Cytron card, since Reston doesn't have it just yet—they think it is Billy. But they’re wrong; in all actuality, David Rosen still has it. He can’t give it up just yet; Liv and the gladiators are his friends. David is wearing a wire while Billy admits to murdering Graydon Osborne, Mollie and Wendy while trying to convince David that by turning over the card, he can get redemption for himself as well—David lost a lot at the hands of Olivia and friends as well.

David is quickly convinced; he slides the Cytron card right on over to Billy.

A plan: Olivia wants Fitz to pretend to put Reston on the ticket, and that’ll force Reston to reach out to Billy. She schedules a lunch with him and says they’ll need proof of voter irregularities before they can proceed. Of course that means Reston will need to call Billy for the Cytron card, and the gladiators will be lying in wait to track the call and find Billy. It works like a charm. Reston rings Billy right up.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 22 Recap – 'White Hat's Back On'

Speaking of plans: Mellie also has one. She sees James on TV discussing the First Couple’s marital issues, and takes pause when he questions Mellie and her honesty about the whole situation, especially since Fitz’s approval ratings are going up.

She goes to visit Cy in the hospital, know that her husband will be there. She tells Fitz that she wants them to walk out the hospital together to capitalize on the moment, but Fitz has other plans. He wants to divorce her, date a few random women for the media’s sake before going public with Olivia in about two years. In exchange, Fitz will give her glowing recommendations and help her secure her own political career.

Now if she doesn't cooperate, he’ll brand her a racist the second she whispers Olivia’s name as the other woman. As expected, a silent but defiant Mellie storms off.

Turns out, that was Olivia’s plan that she penned and told Huck about. Cy approves!

Murder for hire: An unidentified markswoman (who was seen previously with Jake’s mystery boss) is seen breaking into Liv’s apartment right after she says good night to Mr. President on the phone. Before she can shoot her intended target, the mystery woman is shot and killed herself by Jake.

That’s a problem—Jake wasn’t supposed to intervene, and Olivia knows that. Jake takes a terrified Olivia back to her office, where she learns that the woman was a part of the dangerous B-613 squad. Liv also learns that Jake was telling the truth all along, and he was working in her best interest. Or was he? He callously tells Olivia that sleeping with her was just his mission, so she needn't bother missing him. She still rewards him with a kiss and tells him to be safe.

Either way, he’ll be punished severely for saving her life—twice. Jake ends up locked in the same underground cell Huck spent many weeks in after his boss discovered he had a secret family.

Finally the truth: The mystery man visits Cyrus in the hospital, and a spooked, fed-up Cyrus leaves and heads straight to Olivia. She tells him about her close brush with death, and that she’s decided that she will be with Fitz after all. But Cy has his own agenda—namely saving her life and Fitz’s presidency, as per usual. He spills the beans about Fitz killing Verna several weeks back, and later follows the mystery man’s orders and shows the President the tape of Olivia and Jake having sex.

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 22 Recap – 'White Hat's Back On'

Bye-Bye Billy: Using his cellphone signal, Huckleberry Quinn traps Billy, ties him up and tortures him. Well, Quinn does. Huck couldn’t bring himself to do it, so an all-too-happy-to-do-it Quinn drives a power drill into Billy’s thigh in order to get the info about the card. Ouch! (They don't kill him, though.)

About that missing Cytron card: Turns out, the card David gave Billy was a fake. David made great use of his time spent camped out at Olivia Pope and Associates offices—he spent weeks trying to crack her secret safe, and once he was successful, he cloned the incriminating card, gave Billy Chambers the fake and sent the real one back to Cyrus!

‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 22 Recap – 'White Hat's Back On'

The gift: David Rosen leaves Olivia a box which contains video/audio proof of Billy Chambers murders, as well as a parting gift—a white hat, which she promptly puts on.

Introducing a national hero: For David Rosen’s successful secret covert operation (that worked in favor of his friends), the President thanks him publicly and credits him for uncovering the mole, as well as appointing him U.S. Attorney for D.C. Looks like he’s got an even sweeter job than he had before—isn’t redemption sweet?

One last chat: Olivia pops by the Oval Office to have a serious talk with Fitz; she knows he killed Verna, he knows she slept with Jake. Fitz was all set to forgive her, but Olivia can't forgive murder. She retracts her plan to get Mellie out of the White House, and suggest Fitz return to his wife, and Olivia will return to her team. Her gladiators need her far more than he does.

The mystery man is revealed: Liv leaves her apartment building and walks right into a media minefield—the awaiting press is hounding her about her alleged affair with President Fitzgerald Grant. Startled and unprepared, Olivia is hustled into the back of a limo where the mystery man (a.k.a. Jake’s park bench loving boss) is already inside. Olivia looks pretty bewildered before uttering a one-syllable word that raised several more questions than it answered: “Dad?”

Mind. Blown!