'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap - 'What Part of No'

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap - 'What Part of No'
(Lifetime) The Client List season 2 episode 10 recap

After last week's episode where Kyle finally starts getting his act together after getting out of jail and Evan finally starts getting a little nookie from his cadet-mate Shelby, we couldn't wait for this week's new episode of The Client List. Check out what happened in season two, episode 10: "What Part of No."

Kyle is winning brownie points with Riley: Last week saw Kyle landing a job, and this week, he's scoring major brownie points with his estranged wife. He's cheerful on the morning school run and then takes her on a day-date—horseback riding! Riley loves horseback riding and apparently the two shared their first kiss while horseback riding in high school. Cue the awwws all around.

"You do so much for everybody, I want to do something for you for a change," Kyle tells Riley. We love the way the men talk on Lifetime.

Georgia's bridesmaid dresses are epic: They're giant daffodil-yellow ballgowns.

Evan and Shelby are doing a lot of canoodling: The first time we see the two recent academy grads—who are now partners both in and out of the force—they're having a bit of sexytime in the bedroom. Shelby reveals she's been there for three whole days! She tries to leave, but Evan—who's, like, a stage three clinger—doesn't want her to leave and convinces her to stay.

Selena vs. Nikki: Remember when Nikki started and Selena accused her of stealing? Well, ten episodes in and it doesn't look like the two are getting along any better. Apparently, when Selena sold her luxury handbags to pay off her ex-husband, Nikki bought Selena's prize Louis Vuitton—and Selena totally freaks out because Nikki got chili on it.

Guess what else Nikki is after? Selena's ex-"funbuddy"—Derek. Now that the two massage therapists have called off their workplace romance, NIkki's moving in—like a lion. She tries to flirt with him by flashing him and inviting him to shower with her. She's coming on strong—telling him he's sexy—and he caves in! Oh, men, so easy.

Still, Derek can't shake his soft spot for Selena. He winds up buying the Vuitton back from Nikki to give to Selena—a gesture we can tell really touches her.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap - 'What Part of No'

This episode belongs to Lacey: At the salon, Lacey is trying to give a customer Lynette's exact shade of blonde—but the salon is out, so she heads back to Riley's because Lynette keeps a few extra tubes there. While Lacey's rooting around underneath Riley's sink, she hears someone in Riley's bedroom. As she goes to check out the noise, a man comes rushing out and pushes her down. Lacey chases him out the door—and falls on the ground in the driveway, in severe abdominal pain.

Riley rushes to the hospital to see Lacey and Dale accidentally lets it slip that Lacey is pregnant—but the baby seemed to be okay at that point, despite the attack.

Later on in the episode, Lacey loses the baby.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap - 'What Part of No'

But who broke into Riley's house? Evan—who's now a full-fledged cop—stops by the house and tells Riley, "The guy was after something specific." Later on, he asks both Riley and Kyle if they had anything at the house someone would be after. Kyle thinks the intruder had something to do with Vandermeyer and the trials he's testifying in. Riley thinks it might be new bad-guy Greg Carlisle—the man who owns a bunch of seedy massage parlors and tried to buy The Rub from Georgia a couple of episodes back. She goes to see Georgia to ask for advice and Georgia tries to give her a gun.

After Riley finds out Lacey miscarried, she heads down to the police station to yell at Evan, demanding to know why they haven't found the guy yet. Evan shows her three possible suspects, and there's one, Sean Foster, who matches Lacey's description of the suspect. When Evan steps away from his desk, Riley prints out the suspect's info and decides to take the law into her own hands.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap - 'What Part of No'

She drives over to where Sean Foster is staying—he's outside working on his getaway car like he didn't just break into Riley's house. She calls Evan and demands that he come right away. While she's on the phone with him, it looks like Foster is packing up his car to go away. So... what does Riley do? She takes off most of her clothes, gets out of her car wearing only a bustier, and flirts with him, trying to get him to hang around for a while. When he refuses and starts to drive away, Riley dumps a hot cup of coffee on him—and he backs up into a dumpster just as Evan and Shelby pull up. They arrest him.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap - 'What Part of No'

Meanwhile Kyle, convinced that the goon was from Team Vandermeyer, hides out in the back of Vandermeyer's truck and tries to strangle him. Whoa.

This whole drama has brought Kyle and Riley closer—fast. When Riley gets home that night, Kyle is there cleaning up. She asks him to stay the night on the sofa—"I want to be here for you," he tells her—and she kisses him goodnight.

The Cliffhanger: Every episode of The Client List ends with a cliffhanger, and this week's is a good one. This whole episode, Riley's been freaking out about the safety and security of the client list—and so, in the middle of the night, she drives to Brixton Ranch, where she buried the notebook, and digs it up. She's relieved to find it still there, intact. But someone is watching her from a distance—with night vision goggles!

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