'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'
(Courtesy Lifetime) The Client List season 2, episode 11 recap

Last week's episode of The Client List ended with a cliffhanger—Riley drove out to Brixton Ranch to dig up her little black book, the actual client list, which she buried a few episodes back. She doesn't know it, but someone's watching her with nightvision goggles—and this week, we find out who it is right away. You'll never believe it, but the person who wants to steal the client list is—wait for it—Nikki! Yes, young, naive Nikki from The Rub is after Riley's secret list. We'll find out why as the episode unfolds.

Happy ending fetish massage of the day: This week's fetish massage client is a tech guy who's up for a big job—but before he heads out to his interview, he comes in for a cheerleader-theme massage, dispensed by Riley (in pigtails) with pom-poms as, um, intimate props. Ew. Later on in the episode, he comes back, tells her he got the job, and gives her a diamond tiara to thank him for, um, boosting his confidence.

Kyle starts noticing weird things: While Riley is out with Lacey, Kyle is babysitting, playing a hide-and-seek game with the kids. When he dives under the master bed, he finds Riley's stash of Christian Louboutins—all gifts from her client, who likes kinky shoe massages.

Meanwhile, in Evan-land: Evan's having a tough episode. He's investigating the Sean Foster case—remember, that's the guy who broke into Riley's house and pushed Lacey down, causing her to have a miscarriage—and has to lie on the report to protect Riley, who's actually the one who tracked Foster down. Shelby's mad at him for lying on the report and can tell that he's hung up on Riley.

Kyle and Lynette: While Riley's mom is in rehab, we haven't seen much of her—but this episode, we find out that Kyle, who's a recovering addict himself, has been spending more time with Lynette and helping her through the process. He goes to NA meetings with her, calls her on the phone, and even visits her.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'
Don't worry, Selena is only fake-crying.

The Derek-Selena-Lisa thing: "Loco Lisa," Derek's stalker client who wants to make babies with him, shows up at The Rub and demands to be scheduled in for a double-session on Saturday night. Derek agrees, but Selena warns him to steer clear. Selena wins for best lines of the episode

"She is a fresh divorcee with a shitpile of cash," OMG did Selena just say 'shitpile' on Lifetime? "She's a Stepford Wife gone rogue—she's probably already booked two tickets to Cougar Island. Don't forget your floaties!"

At Lisa's double session, Derek is all ready to agree to go away for the weekend with her when she reveals that she's fallen in love with someone else and is leaving Texas to sail around the world with him. She hands Derek a Tiffany box—inside is a parting gift, a bunch of $100 bills and an onyx-and-diamond money clip—a "token of everlasting appreciation for opening me up to the possibility of love," Loco Lisa says. Classy.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'

Meanwhile, Nikki is up to no good: Remember a couple of episodes back when Nikki left The Rub and went back to stripping at that lowlife Carlisle's club in a seedy part of town? And remember how he tried to beat her up in the middle of the street and Riley had to save her? Well, she's back with him—and it looks like she stole the client list for him. Unfortunately, Riley doesn't suspect a single thing, and Riley also trusts her with the month's profit and loss statements. We're pretty sure Nikki's going to give them to Carlisle too.

HAIR ALERT! Just in time for the high school reunion on Saturday night, Riley gets a haircut. Yup, her waist-length locks get the chop. Lacey cuts it to a wavy just-below-the-shoulder length. Cute! The biggest mystery about Riley's salon visit? Why are her boobs out the whole time. Like, HALF OUT. Who goes to get a haircut with her cleavage pushed up to her chin and her bra showing?

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'

The high school reunion: This episode is all about Riley, Lacey, Kyle, Evan, and Taylor's high school reunion. Lacey doesn't really want to go because she just had a miscarriage, but Riley convinced her. Taylor and her husband Beau are going through a separation, but she's convinced he's trying to win her back because he agrees to go to the reunion, was spotted buying a Mustang convertible (Taylor thinks it's for her), and hasn't signed the divorce papers yet. And Kyle agrees to go to the reunion with Riley. Evan tries to pick up an extra shift on Saturday night to avoid going.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'

Here's what went down at the actual event: Lacey gets really upset because she sees a pregnant woman—and spends a lot of the reunion crying in the bathroom (so high school!). Riley tries to comfort her and eventually coaxes her out of the bathroom to dance with Dale.

Kyle is really late to the reunion because Lynette called him from rehab and needed to talk. When he does show up, Riley is furious at him—until she learns that he's been helping her mom through some tough times. This Kyle's a good guy—well, besides stealing that truck and his drug addiction, that is.

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'

'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Miss Back When'Beau and Taylor win reunion king and queen—but Beau brought a much-younger woman with him as his date, which upsets Taylor. He also reveals that he bought the red Mustang for his new girlfriend. Taylor goes outside and, with Riley's help, they bash in the Mustang's windows with a golf club. They get arrested.

In jail, Riley and Taylor have a heart-to-heart (they sort of don't have a choice because they're both handcuffed to a bench). Turns out Beau isn't pressing charges. When they're released, Dale, Kyle, and Lacey are waiting for them—and Dale's got a life-size cutout from high school of Evan and Riley, who were prom king and queen together. Evan and Kyle sort of get into it, and Riley pulls them aside and unequivocally breaks it off with Evan. Shelby is watching this whole thing unfold, and she's furious.

The episode ends back at Riley's house. Kyle puts his varsity jacket on her shoulders and tells her he wants to come home.
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