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If there is just one thing you should know about Taraji P. Henson, it's this: Girl is funny! She may have a handful of BET and NAACP Image Awards plus an Oscar nom under her belt, but the actress has a singular brand of self-deprecating humor—and a penchant to ooh! and aah!—that had us laughing till we cried.

StyleBistro sat down with Taraji to get the scoop on her red carpet dos and don'ts, her ever-changing hairstyles and what she'll be wearing this spring. (Not to mention a particular red carpet disaster!) Click here for all the stylish scoop, or check out the excerpt below. Plus, look for Taraji on the big screen in Peep World, costarring Rainn Wilson and Michael C. Hall, on March 25.

Thanks, Taraji!

SB: What's your personal style?
Because I am such a versatile person, it depends on my mood. Today I'm, like, nothing matches. That's how I feel today: ugly out. But I guess when I do put myself together and go out, some days I'm like a rock star; some days I'm chic and sexy; some days it's sweats.

SB: Where do you like to shop?
One of my favorite stores here in LA is called Bleu—it's right over here on La Brea. Cute little boutique-y store. I bought like four pair of shorts. Also, Maxines in Studio City. And of course Neiman Marcus. They have everything. That's where I get my shoes. I probably do 80-percent of my shopping at Neiman Marcus because it's one-stop shopping. Plus, I earn points. Hey InCircle, I'm in the circle! I love it.

SB: What's your favorite handbag?
Oh my god, my favorite? I have to pick one? I have one red Valentino. It is gorgeous...the one with the ruffles around the edge. The leather is just soft like butter. And then I have a Versace, their signature bag. That's a forever bag. And I bought a purple Gucci from Rome that I will never, ever get rid of. I'm looking at it now. Ooh, I may have to wear her today. I call my clothes and shoes 'her.' Look at her - ooh! The girls at the stores where I shop think I'm crazy.

What one thing would you change about yourself?
I wish I had a longer neck. I love long hair but, because I have such a small face and my neck is short, it swallows me up...I'd look like Cousin It. I love my haircut, but I like to switch it up. Sometimes I want to have hair that's all the way down to my ass, that's just sometimes how I feel. And with the advancements we've made in weaves, it's possible! But is it the best look for me? No. No, the best look for me is the bob. I had to surrender to that, damn it.

SB: What was your favorite red carpet outfit ever?
My ultimate favorite, because it comes with such a paramount part of my life and career, would be the Roberto Cavalli gown I wore to the Oscars. It was just one of those that you put it on and it was like 'Yes.' My manager, publicist, everyone was there when I put it on and zipped it up. The whole room gasped and we were like 'That's it.' I will never, ever forget that dress. It was so beautiful, it was almost like a wedding dress. Gorgeous, ooh.

SB: Tell us about Peep World.
It's very Woody Allen-esque. Rainn Wilson plays my love interest. My character is his backbone, his supporter. He's like the black sheep of the family and they treat him like crap. But he's right there, and she sees his potential and she loves him [in singsong]! It's a funny movie.

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