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Tech Accessories You Shouldn't Travel Without

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There's a lot that goes into packing for a big trip. While Saturday night dresses and cute (but comfy!) sandals are right up there on the list, so is travel tech. Nowadays people embark on an airplane fully suited up. Cell phones are in pockets, tablets are in backpacks, and laptops are tucked away into suitcases, ready to be used later. Staying connected and being online is now a major part of traveling, whether you're a digital nomad working in between sightseeing or are just a tourist wanting to post picks onto Instagram.

Because of this, there's a ton of clever and exciting tech travel gear that can make your time away from home a lot more comfortable. Top of the line power banks ensure that your phone never dies, backpacks have hidden batteries that can charge your laptop while you're on the train, and water bottles come with waterproof speakers that make your camping trip a little more fun. Soundproof headphones make the bustle of the airport a little less jarring, and travel routers help magnify weak hotel Wi-Fi signals, nixing your stress. Make your next trip outside of your zip code a hassle-free one, and stock up on some of these nifty products. As someone who has been traveling nonstop for three years, I can promise you these are some of my ride-or-die tips. Now grab that passport and let's go.