Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame
We're going to start off this article on a sentimental note. If you're leaving for a long trip, you want to make sure that your mom won't be missing you too much. I've been traveling for almost three years now, coming back home every eight months or so. Since I know my mom is always wondering what I'm up to, I loved the idea of gifting her with a Wif-Fi cloud digital photo frame. 

You drop your photos in via the app, and they will automatically update in the frame. That way your family can wake up and see what new adventures you were up to the day before, following along on your trip. This is also a sweet idea for partners and spouses, and everyone in between. One of the most highly rated ones is the Nixplay Iris, and it comes in three colors: silver, bronze, and metallic peach.

(It's also a sweet idea for grandparents or mother- and father-in-laws if you're going somewhere with your kids.)

Nixplay Iris, $179, Amazon