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These days, tattoos — or should we say body art — aren't just for the biker crowd. Stylish ladies are treating ink as an accessory. Really, what could be chicer than a gorgeous script tattoo along your ribs? Or a couple wings etched onto your back?

From dainty hearts to written words, many of the top actresses and models have taken the tat plunge. Think Victoria Beckham and Selena Gomez who have opted for delicate script to be permanently placed on their skin. Of course, Rihanna is the queen of our world and the queen of fashionable tattoos — from henna-inspired designs to a trail of stars down her spine, she makes us more and more tempted to get our own.

If you're looking for serious tattoo inspiration, look no further than these ladies in making a selection that suits your style. It's pretty incredible to get a meaningful quote or symbol on your body that is also visually stunning. Go on, see the most stylish designs on the biggest celebs, right this way.