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The Best Bookstagram Accounts for Bibliophiles

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It may seem ironic to recommend Instagram accounts for bibliophiles: After all, the core definition of the word "bibliophile" is a person who collects, or has a great love ("phile") for books ("biblio").

More than merely the stories they contain between their dog-eared pages, this encompasses the smell of old books, the tactile sensation of turning those pages, and even the way they pile messily and beautifully on library bookshelves. Not, you know, scrolling rapidly on a blindingly bright Kindle screen.

So, although it may seem ironic, these bookstagram accounts certainly try to do the avid love for books and literature justice. And if you, too, are a bibliophile looking for a little inspiration to add to your #currentlyreading list, you've definitely come to the right place!

Via @polly.florence.