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It's that time again, astro babes! That's right, the dreaded Mercury retrograde, bane of our collective astrological existence and then some. Well, okay, maybe it's not so bad — after all, Mercury RX gives us that oft much-needed time to pause, reflect, and renew old projects that we may not have otherwise had time to delve back into.

Then again, it can also be utter pandemonium. This is because when a planet "goes retrograde" (contrary to common belief, planets are never in retrograde; they either go retro, or station direct), it appears to spin backward. And because Mercury rules communication and technology, its apparent backspin definitely makes its presence known in those realms on Earth! 

It doesn't help that during this particular Mercury RX sesh in Leo, several other planets (do Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto ring any bells?) have been retrograde as well. Oh, and it's eclipse season, too. So, while your life falls into fiery ruins things go a little haywire, why not share a few of these hilarious — and all-too-relatable — memes to get you through?

Peace and blessings, astro babes. And may the odds be ever in your favor.