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The Best Place To Have A Cocktail In Every State

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Art by Tanya Leigh
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A cocktail is so much more than just an alcoholic beverage — it's a work of art, a piece of history, and an essential element in creating the perfect cocktail-sipping environment. Each bar, lounge, or speakeasy takes pride in crafting not only their cocktails, but the experience as well, and that's what makes it all so enjoyable.

North to south, and coast to coast, we've searched to bring you our picks for the best place to have a cocktail in every US state. From an elegant Sazerac-serving Southern parlor to a Hawaiian tiki bar nestled in the Pacific Northwest, all of these cocktails—and their establishments— range from typically regional to completely unexpected.

If love is the universal language, then cocktails are the universal social hour. Pack your bags, put on your party dress, and click through to discover some of the best drinking establishments the country has to offer.