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These Are The Biggest Celebrity Breakups Of 2020 So Far

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43. Pamela Anderson And Jon Peters
We're not going to lie — this is a bizarre one. 

On February 1, it was announced that Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters were splitting just 12 days after getting married. (Yes, 12 days). Anderson and Peters first began dating 30 years ago, and upon reuniting, swiftly tied the knot. 

In regards to their breakup, Anderson said, "I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon and my union. We would be very grateful for your support as we take some time apart to re-evaluate what we want from life and from one another. Life is a journey and love is a process. With that universal truth in mind, we have mutually decided to put off the formalization of our marriage certificate and put our faith in the process. Thank you for respecting our privacy."